Nintendo: “very low demand” from publishers, says n-Space boss

Wednesday, 21st August 2013 22:55 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Port specialist n-Space has a proud history of producing games for Nintendo platforms, but CEO Dan O’Leary has said publishers just aren’t interested in the 3DS and Wii U.

Speaking with GamesIndustry, O’Leary confirmed that n-Space has no Nintendo titles in development right now, for the first time in “probably ten years”.

“It’s kind of a sad thing to say, because for a long time n-Space has been known as a Nintendo-friendly developer. We certainly have loved all our time working with them. We think their hardware’s great,” he said.

“We think more often than not they have the right mindset in the difficult game world we live in. There’s just very low demand right now for their work through the publisher side.”

The executive said he expects Nintendo to “swing back”.

“The news was just talking about how Nintendo was beating everybody with hardware sales. The DS and 3DS sales curves have been slower than publishers would have liked. That may change, but I can tell you right now we’re not working on anything,” he added.

Founded in 1994, n-Space is a Florida-based developer that mainly produces ports and adaptations of existing titles. It was behind the 3DS version of Skylanders: Giants and the DS version fo Call of Duty: Black Ops, for example. It also produced the under-appreciated Heroes of Ruin for 3DS.

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  1. monkeygourmet



    #1 1 year ago

    Wii-U understandable but 3DS…. You are bat shit crazy O’Leary.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. m0uz

    Yeah he’s talking out of his ass.

    Also I’m not a fan of the WiiU but I find it funny how everything has tablet integration now and everybody’s flipping their shit about it.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Tyrantsoul

    To be fair fair on him though.The hand-held market is shrinking rapidly due to advancements in mobile tech.I have a Wii U.I am however getting rid of it due to the fact its just not a good system.No memory(yes i do use a 500gb external but should not have to for the price),god awful pad with a very resistant touch screen.Wonderful 101 was my last hope for it and that turned out to be a bad both in game-play and response.It is a shame as I used to love Nintendo but they have lost the plot it seems,and I have no inclination to wait for them to find it again.I have been hearing that for near on a year now.

    A shame.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. The_Red

    Actually he’s not too wrong. 3DS is doing great but most of the support is coming from Big N and a few Japanese publishers.

    The likes of Activision, EA and such are focusing on phone / tablet titles rather than 3DS.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. polygem

    @4: i sold my launch wiiu a few months after launch because of the games drought and because i own several other systems including the 3ds. i personally always liked the hardware though, just thought the 3ds is the better device with better games and because of that enough for my nintendo fix…
    well, selling the wiiu was one of my biggest regrets in recent gaming history and i am writing this on my shiny new wiiu pad right now. i bought mine for 199€ brandnew. i am looking forward to play ssb, windwaker hd (my fave zelda game and easily among my most favourite games of all time, so looking forward to it!), will buy pikmin today, donkey kong, mk8, mario 3d soon…
    what i really like about nintendo: when i buy a game from them i know it will be great, i know it will be a quality product that i will enjoy. i bought resistance bs and was shocked, i bought lbp racing and it was a letdown, uncharted ga too, heck even gravity rush (what a clunky mess), halo 4 did not feel like halo to me anymore and so on. nintendo games stay nintendo games. they innovate but they always are quality games that have this unique nintendo vibe to it and you can trust into the brand. i really like that about them and i guess that is the main reason why i trade in lots of games all the time but stick to my nintendo games. they just scream quality and replay value. just look at windwaker. how old is that game now? 12 years?
    i think more games will come to the wiiu, i hope they will. wiiu is a fun system. there will come games that will be like this zelda game, games that are so good that they will be worth owning the system just to play those.
    wiiu needs a price drop, more indies, a metroid and zelda wiiu and even a new nintendo ip wouldn’t hurt. i would make a bundle with limited edition wiiu systems like they do with the 3ds (animal crossing, fire emblem, luigi, pokemon etc.), people love that. they need to get rid of the ninty id connected to console thing. i hope they will NEVER introduce achievements. i wish wiiu would have more third party support too, because if there would be games like diablo and dark souls available for it, it would be my favourite system…well you can’t have it all i guess.

    well enough of that. all i was trying to say…i would think twice about selling it ;)

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Tyrantsoul

    @#6 Thank you for your comment.I agree with some of the franchises you mentioned.I never took to uncharted to be honest,Resistance 3 was not as good as the first two,Halo 4 felt nothing like a Halo,though I did like the story,LBP karting was not bad.The problem with your Nintendo games list(personally)is that I have no interest in SSB,Mario or Donkey Kong.So I’m left with Zelda HD,which I still have the limited edition version for gamecube that still looks great today.I did play MH3U for quite abit but that was not much different to the Wii version.Wii U won’t get third party support now.The only reason it has most of the upcoming ones is because of the transitional period between gens.Once developers go full next gen Wii U wont get a look in.I’m not happy about it,it is a shame.Indie wise most of what they showed I can get one one or both of my other two consoles or pc.As much as I love Zelda I think that even that is getting old.It needs a major overhaul now.To be honest it has for quite some time.Trouble is due to lack of game interest(Pikmin selling only 30k in a week and Yakuza sellin 2k) and the system itself not doing so great its showing people are starting to move on from Nintendo.The super kid friendly styling they go for is not working as well due to Nintendo not admitting that their NES,SNES and even N64 players have grown up now.Power also seems to be an issue too with the machine.

    Whew that was a wall o text right there.To any Fanboys flexing their fingers to furiously responed,don’t bother.I play all platforms.Have done since Atari 2600 onward.And excuse any mistake grammar wise I may have made as its 6:40 am lol

    I am glad you are enjoying your Wii U Polygem.Have fun

    #7 1 year ago
  8. polygem

    yeah i hear you, only fair. many people will agree with what you just said and i can understand it, i personally like that nintendo are staying true to themselves and that they have been nintendo all of the time. when shooters became the next big thing and everyone jumped right on that train, nintendo stayed nintendo. they improved on what they had and they did a great job with it. they tried to innovate the hardware too, more than anyone else.
    i personally feel more mature when i play animal crossing or donkey kong country than by playing black ops…
    maybe they have lost touch, maybe i have too.
    i for one hope nintendo wont change too much though, they could easily sacrifice what makes them so unique…that would be sad.

    #8 1 year ago
  9. Joe Musashi

    The pic of the guy in the GamesIndustry article makes him look like some sort of amateur magician.


    #9 1 year ago
  10. polygem

    they call me magic mike

    #10 1 year ago

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