Xbox One has more exclusives, exclusive DLC, and franchise reboots coming, says Phil Harrison

Tuesday, 20th August 2013 16:33 GMT By Dave Owen

The story of Gamescom so far has been Microsoft signing a host of exclusive content for Xbox One. Phil Harrison says there’s lot more of that coming up.

“We haven’t even launched yet but rest assured we’re already planning more great stuff to ensure Xbox continues to raise the bar,” he said to Xbox NewsWire.

“So expect more mega franchises like FIFA, with Xbox exclusive content. Expect more exclusives titles like Titanfall. Expect more epics like Halo and Call of Duty. Expect more games reimagined for Xbox One such as Fable Legends. And expect the most immersive, new generation gameplay with multiplayer and innovations like Kinect and SmartGlass which make your experience way more fun and authentic than it could have been before.”

Microsoft has never been afraid to pay out for exclusives, and it looks like things will be no different for Xbox One. Most interesting is the talk of franchise reboots and reimaginings. What Xbox franchises would you like to see revived. I’m voting for Blinx the Cat.

Cheers, OXM.



  1. Djoenz

    Oh my Sony better step up!

    #1 1 year ago
  2. stockops3

    Total Crap, how about a game which isn’t a shooter?

    A Conker reboot would be awesome, but Rare are so focused on crap kinect titles.

    And what reboots? I can’t remember Xbox 1 having any stellar M$ owned brands, maybe blinx and… Kung Fu Chaos?

    I just sick and tired of shooters and ‘exclusive’ content, ooo £11.99 map before PS4, ooo Crappy Football (Soccer) players, sad excuse for ‘exclusive content’.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. deadstoned

    Franchise reboots and exclusives… Hey Microsoft ever hear of this thing called NEW IP?!

    #3 1 year ago
  4. OmegaSlayer


    #4 1 year ago
  5. yeoung

    Jazz Jackrabbit would be nice, if a little impossible.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Djoenz

    Ryse aint no shooter! among others but I do agree for a degree.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Beta

    I do so hate exclusive third party content, timed or otherwise.

    #7 1 year ago
  8. Hcw87

    Out of ~23 launch titles, only 2 are pure shooters.

    Try harder.

    Reeboots? Killer Instinct and Fable Anniversary (X360 title though).

    #8 1 year ago
  9. Ireland Michael

    And yet only a single game interests me.

    #9 1 year ago
  10. Tech-N9ne

    @2 Funny, because the the only first party shooter announced for XB1 is Halo, dunno what your talking about.

    #10 1 year ago
  11. Hoika

    Wait a second, wasn’t Phil Harrison the guy who was at Sony when PS3 launched very badly? Wasn’t he working for Atari when they disappeared? And what was he doing at Infogrames when they got shut down?
    And now he seems to be talking like he’s the man at Microsoft but things don’t seem to be going very well for them either…

    Why are we even listening to this man? I (for one) don’t like him…

    #11 1 year ago
  12. stockops3

    @8 and @10 I’m not trying to start an argument, but I meant in general as in COD, BF4, HALO, M$ never try to push any other IP’s other than shooters and yeah Killer Instinct is a reboot, lets hope Double Helix does it well though, as there previously track record was arse.

    But NO NEW IP’s!? That want pisses me off aswell.

    #12 1 year ago
  13. loveaya

    Because M$ has more money~

    #13 1 year ago
  14. DrDamn

    Got to agree MS have come up with a surprisingly diverse launch line up. It will be interesting to compare the two once we know the PS4 list. MS seem to have a tick in most of the genre boxes.

    #14 1 year ago
  15. Tech-N9ne


    No new IPs?

    They have Ryse, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Black Tusk new games. That’s 4 that we know about, and am sure there’s at least 1 or 2 more.

    #15 1 year ago
  16. stockops3

    @15 Fair do’s :)

    #16 1 year ago
  17. cluggy89

    @15 project spark aswell

    #17 1 year ago
  18. fearmonkey

    It’s just so weird for me to see Phil Harrison talk about Xbox……

    #18 1 year ago
  19. Irani

    Nice Job Microsoft You Are Best , Die Sony

    #19 1 year ago
  20. TrickyAudio

    There are some proper melts on here :D

    #20 1 year ago
  21. DirtEHarry

    Crimson Skies! Just do it, Microsoft!

    #21 1 year ago
  22. loci

    “Expect” “Expect” “Expect” “Expect”.
    Only word he can use when he has nothing to show.

    #22 1 year ago
  23. bennyx

    Yeah and expect DRM back as soon as there is a big enough user base……..go on matey you can fuck off now.

    #23 1 year ago
  24. Thugnificent

    Have a Ps4 on pre order but I am seriously considering cancelling it for a X1 now.

    #24 1 year ago
  25. lexph3re

    Isn’t it awesome that they can brag about games they originally announced for 360 releasing on XBone and how they have so many exclusives. And. isn’t it better that they have exclusive (timed) content for games that will release everywhere else?

    Jeez, MS you guys certainly are surprising me.

    #25 1 year ago
  26. Fethennour

    @19 You really need to shut the hell up. (¬_¬)

    #26 1 year ago
  27. Djoenz

    Any wise person would wait for reviews of the games and buy a console after it releases. Oh well ppl have money to waste I guess. Hope it doesnt blow up in yall faces.

    #27 1 year ago
  28. Ashmael

    Thats a blatant lie, i have both consoles 360 and PS3 an actually there is nothing exclusive coming for the 360, only minecraft!
    They just abandon their current customers and only care about the ones who gonna buy their new console, meanwhile my PS3 collection have been started to grow filled with new exclusives.

    #28 1 year ago
  29. Fin

    This just in, console manufacturer says console will have new games.

    #29 1 year ago
  30. bradk825

    Is Project Spark technically a game or an app?

    #30 1 year ago
  31. thesnowman

    I vote for a new Midtown Madness. One of the first online console games I played and so much fun.

    #31 1 year ago
  32. darthroseman

    @fin yep.

    #32 1 year ago
  33. Arnvidr

    Exclusive DLC is from the same bag as timed exclusives. It’s a bad idea for everyone but the few people who have/will get both consoles. Most people don’t.

    Timed exclusives breeds resentment for the cashgrab game creators who went along with it, and for the console maker who made it happen. It is not something that makes people switch consoles.

    Exclusive DLC is just a kick in the teeth to people on other platforms than the one getting it, and the game creators that do this deserve nothing but scorn.

    If you feel you need exclusives to sell your console, pony up the cash to make it 100% exclusive. That’s what decides people’s consoles.

    #33 1 year ago
  34. drewbles82

    Personally, Arcade wise, look at the Amiga, 100s of awesome games on there, so many could be remade in HD, new controls etc. Or even take the idea of one those games and create a reimagined version of it. Just dont do a goldeneye reloaded. Best way to sell Goldeneye is remake it exactly the same just in HD, no other changes apart from online.

    #34 1 year ago

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