Spicy Horse gifts Akaneiro Karma to soldiers

Tuesday, 13th August 2013 05:40 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Spicy Horse has handed over $40,000 worth of Karma, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters’ in-game currency, to Operation Supply Drop.

The developer gave over 400 $100 gift packs to the charity to dispense at its discretion.

“For those brave men and women who engage in conflict on behalf of others, without choice or expectation of great reward, I’m happy to provide an opportunity to fight battles of their own choosing while collecting cart-loads of magical loot,” Spicy Horse CEO American McGee said.

Akaneiro is a free-to-play co-operative ARPG which is available directly through Spicy Horse or via Steam Early Access.

Operation Supply Drop is an initiative which sends care packages of video games to soldiers serving internationally and at military hospitals.



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    VG247 states:

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    Bull shit. You “allow” them on so you can make money. Plain and simple. Just tell the fucking truth. Even with my popup blockers I can’t load up a single page without a gamestop page popping up. I’m done with this site.

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  2. ruckus

    “For those brave men and women who engage in conflict on behalf of others…”

    Where’s the ‘bullshit’ tag? No one’s murdering anyone on my behalf.

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