Xbox One out November at $499, E3 2013 line-up here

Monday, 10th June 2013 08:12 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One, games a-plenty and at least one big Xbox 360 surprise; just some of the things billed for Microsoft’s big conference E3 2013. Watch it here.

Watch Microsoft’s pre-E3 2013 conference again here:

Xbox One @ E3 2013

Xbox One will launch in 21 territories in November 2013 priced $499 / 499 Euros / £429.

Xbox Live will do away with Microsoft points for good, and some Xbox Live Gold features can be used by different users in the same household, even when you’re not logged in.

Microsoft confirmed a number of exclusives during it’s pre-E3 show: TitanFall, Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct 3, Quantum Break, Ryse: Son of Rome, Minecraft, SWERY65′s ‘D4′, Crimson Dragon, Project Spark, a new Halo FPS and an unannounced game from Microsoft studio Black Tusk.

Other games shown were Battlefield 4, Dark Souls 2, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid 5 was shown first. The clip revealed saw Revolver Ocelot and Big Boss talking on horse back in Afghanistan, discussing Kaz’s wishes. The visuals looked superb as Snake rode down an open world desert terrain, only to approach a village as realtime sand storms roll into view.

Snake then got into a tank and then a jeep, showing that players can hop into vehicles at any time. Snake then jumped into the back of a parked enemy truck and stowed away, just like in the NES originals. There’s also a real passage of time as you traverse the map.

Players will use shadow and light in new ways to get the drop on enemies and unload on them with new CQC moves that induce ‘breach and clear’-style bullet time attacks. New characters shown included Kaz, a merc called Quiet, a child soldier called Eli, the villain ‘Skull Face’ was also shown – the bad guy from the Ground Zeroes trailer last year.

Ocelot was shown again, as was Code Talker and old soldier. There was also a flash of enemies called ‘Those who don’t exists’, who seem to be Snake’s post-traumatic visions. first seen in the Phantom Pain trailer. The clip ended with Keifer Sutherland as Snake calling himself a demon. It was rather epic and dark.

Here’s Kojima Production’s new Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer in full. Thanks GamesHQMedia:

Xbox 360

Don Mattrick came to the stage early on and proudly proclaimed that the conference was “All about the game”, before bringing Yusuf Medhi to the stage to talk about what’s in store for Xbox 360.

Medhi announced a new, smaller and quieter Xbox 360 model available today. The design is modelled on Xbox One’s design. Beginning July 1st until the launch of Xbox One, Xbox Gold subscribers can take advantage of two free Xbox 360 games, starting with Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3.

Next, Medhi announced some new Xbox 360 games, starting with Wargaming’s MMO World of Tanks. A trailer was shown along with some kick-ass rock so you know it’s legit. Wargaming’s CEO Victor Kisley then took to the stage to announce the game is free and will utilise the Xbox 360 control pad. It’s coming this summer.

Next Medhi handed over to Press Play, developers of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, sequel to Max and the Magic Marker. It’s a platformer in which Max has to save his little brother from a strange demonic dimension.

Dark Souls 2 was shown next by way of a new trailer. The clip showed a knight tussling with beasts and wandering depressing lands made of stone and overgrown plantlife. Some of the bosses were shown, including a giant statue of a woman who battered the hero with a giant mirrored shield. The trailer’s music certainly didn’t smack of Dark Souls though.

Xbox One Games

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer then took to the stage to talk purely next-gen titles. Let’s dive in, shall we.

Ryse: Son of Rome
Crytek’s Kinect-powered brawler got a new trailer that showed off a large skirmish in Rome, as centurion fighter stormed a beach while under fire from catapults. It shows lots of contextual attacks and defensive moves. The game will launch alongside Xbox One for Kinect.

Killer Instinct
Rare announced a new Xbox One-exclusive Killer Instinct game, granting the wishes of fans everywhere. Some gameplay was shown featuring Jago, Glacius and Sabrewulf. Jago was seeen doing a sweet ultra combo, and the crowd went insane.

Sunset Overdrive
Insomniac’s Ted Price announced this new, procedural shooter that changes every day. The studio can add new guns and changes things whenever it wants. The announce trailer showed a lot of cartoonish free-running, monsters, gunplay and insanity. It looked jokey and fun, sort of like how Overstrike looked before it became Fuse.

Forza Motorsport 5
Turn 10′s Dan Greenawalt then announced a partnership with McLaren, to deliver the manufacturer’s expensive cars. He went on about the human element of cars, the feel of leather seats, the sheen of the paint and so on. He confirmed that cloud processing will bring about the end of AI, and will replace it with dynamic opponents that learn as you speed around them.

Greenawalt showed off some cockpit-view footage of a player tearing down a track being pursued by some convincing opponents. The game now comes with ‘Driveatar’ tech that records how you race and act, so to improve opponent reactions to you, online matchmaking and it lets people race you when you’re not even online. We’ll need more information on how this works exactly though.

Basically, it’s coming to Xbox One. Rejoice!

Quantum Break
Remedy’s Sam Lake then took to the stage and promised to revolutionise entertainment, delivering an explosive action game alongside a thrilling TV series. The show impacts how you play the game, and the game helps mould the show to your own personal experience. It’s an Xbox One exclusive.

A clip was then shown introducing the game’s protagonist Jack as he examines a slowed down time anomaly to pull a woman out of a frozen car crash scene. It’s a bit like that film Source Code. After he saves the woman, the anomaly starts to collapse, causing the pair to run for their lives.

Deadly Premonition creator SWERY65 announced a new episodic murder mystery game that boasted a Borderlands art style. The clip show a detective fighting passengers on a tumbling plane.

Project Spark
Microsoft Game Studios’ Dave McCarthy announced Project Spark, a new game-creation that works with Kinect. A developer shouted out commands to see different textures, time of day, terrain and more. The game works with SmartGlass. Using a touch device you can bring any object in the world to life – the example shown gave a rock a sword and made it the game’s hero. The sword then attacked a bunch of bad guys in real-time.

You can invite other collaborators to remix or build on your idea, or play in co-op. McCarthy’s pal hurled a fireball at a band of evil goblins, smashing a deep lava pool into the ground to create a perimeter trap. The rock man then morphed into a giant mech on the fly and went all Gundam on the goblin’s asses.

Using Project Spark you can create stories, characters, worlds and more. It’s like Minecraft but with round edges and a fleshed-out narrative, dynamic effects, physics and more trickery.

SmartGlass Next-Gen
SmartGlass is natively built into Xbox One, so you can start up games, manage multiplayer, browse achievements, buy game add-ons from any enabled device. The Service can compare your stats in a game against friend’s at a glance, and while running in the background, SmartGlass can dispense hints and tips as you play.

You can also set up multiplayer matches using the app that considers your matchmaking stats, online behaviour and more. The example shown can let you play Ryse and queue up a match in Killer Instinct in the background. Once ready you can switch game instantly and begin playing your opponent.

Xbox Live
‘Game DVR’ is new tech that will save your gameplay videos that can then be edited, shared and personalised with the world using the cloud. Twitch integration can also be used to share your gameplay, broadcasting it with the world using the Kinect command ‘Xbox Broadcast’.

Microsoft points are also being ditched in favour for real currency, finally. With Xbox Live Gold anyone in your household can enjoy multilayer and other gold-only benefits on your game when you’re not logged on. You’re no longer limited by 100 people on your friends list either.

Crimson Dragon
From the creator of Panzer Dragoon comes Crimson Dragon, the Kinect-powered dragon flying combat title that has been in development for a rather long time. It looked quite similar to the Sega series – it’s a spiritual successor – with plenty of airborne combat and shooting.

Dead Rising 3
Capcom Vancouver took to the stage to announce Dead Rising 3 exclusively for Xbox One, a game that stars new hero Nick Ramos as he tries to escape a city three days after a zombie outbreak. It showed a city not unlike LA in ruin, as a zombie writhes around in a burning sports car. Ramos is a car mechanic who returns home to find many zombies swarming his home. Wrench in hand he fights his way out of the pack and make his way to a safehouse in the city centre.

There are no load times across the game’s open world setting, and the crafting system is back. Gameplay footage showed Ramos falling into a dark building with low visibility, so Ramos manages to craft a gun with an attached light. Once outside, he grabs an UZI and starts unloading on the undead on a car-logged freeway.

Capcom confirmed there are hundreds of weapons in the world, and you can get into any abandoned car and drive around, smashing into zombies as you go. The clip showed hundreds of the bastards being mowed down violently. Zombies can – however, swarm your car and latch on.

The game also uses SmartGlass functions. The example shown saw Ramos calling in an artillery strike from the sky using touch controls. It saw a rain of missiles hurtling down to the street and turning many zombies into a fine powder.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
CD Projekt RED confirmed its open world RPG is coming to Xbox One. The studio promised deep tactical combat, DX11 graphics, a non-linear story, with in the vast open world setting that promises over 100 hours of play. Kinect voice commands were confirmed for quick switching and casting of spells. SmartGlass will also offer an inventory management feature. Game footage was shown, giving a glimpse of the multi-region world.

Battlefield 4
DICE took to the stage to confirm that Battlefield 4 will run at 60FPS on Xbox One. The game’s Second Assault Map Pack will also come first to Microsoft’s console. Gameplay was shown that saw soldiers fighting inside an aircraft carrier to save it from being sunk. Visually it was all rather lovely and next-gen, complete with dynamic events that saw jet planes hurtling across the ship’s deck and into the sea, destruction spewing everywhere and more.

Halo 5
343 Industries confirmed a new Halo game for Xbox One that isn’t Halo: Spartan Assault. The 60FPS shooter includes Master Chief, but wasn’t referred to as Halo 5. The studio added that Halo’s combat will truly evolve and that was pretty much it. Get CGI screens here.

Black Tusk’s new IP
Microsoft’s internal studio Black Tusk showed a teaser trailer for its new shooter project. It hasn’t been named yet, but it shows rappelling, shooting and takedowns high above a city at night. Watch it above.

Respawn Entertainment’s debut shooter Titanfall got a trailer that saw a mourning man vowing never to get inside a mech suit again. It showed humanity leaving Earth behind. The gameplay shown involved free-running, shooting, mech combat, jet-packs, and more.

Mechs were seen battling each other on ruined city streets, hurling humans around, as dropships soared overhead dispensing troops and raining fire down on the battlefield. It’s coming to PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game uses Xbox Live’s cloud features to enhance the experience.

Gameplay footage showed a lobby of soldiers in a dropship waiting for other players to join. Once the join counter expired the round started with all the soldiers jumping out a hatch to the streets below. Once there, the match began, as a squad ran across a grass knoll and though buildings. There was a countdown that showed the time until the player’s Titan mech was built and ready to pilot.

Before calling it in however, the player ran around and gunned down several troops, earning XP bonuses as they went. They then completed a sub-objective that saw them capturing a Hardpoint location.

The player then called in his ‘Titanfall’ and jumped into the mech, then used a magnetic attack to pick up a cluster of expended bullets and hurl them at enemies at high speed. Using the mech, the player then stomped towards a skirmish to gun down some more troops, then ejected on foot once more.

To take down an enemy mech, the player used a rocket jump move to leap onto its head and then shoot out a central unit on its head, destroying it and ending the trailer. The game is out on Xbox One in Spring 2014 and it runs in Valve’s Source Engine.



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    Not that it’s a slight on VG as a site – I’ll still comment here – but GT seem to have a solid stream every time.

    Quietly optimistic for the MS conference. It’s all about games, so it can only be SO bad…


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    As much as I like some of what is showed in the show, I can’t help to remember all the flaws that the Xbone has… :/

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    I get it that it’s cool to hate on X1, but you have to give them credit where credit is due. Project Spark looked really nice.

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    Good presentation..

    but there are no MUST HAVE TITLES.

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    Ok, Spark looks great, but the concept reminds me of Little Big Planet, which ended up with ppl making bunch of penis lvls.

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    Didn’t look any where near as good as Media Molecules project!

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    @71 Same here. If they build on that, it’s a potential system seller (for me) right there, seriously. I love anything related to building, creating etcetera.

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    Paid multiplayer confirmed.

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    ‘Worst of’ clip writes itself!

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  117. Sadismek

    @112 Well, I’ve loved TW2 to pieces. It was the best RPG of this generation to me, hands-down. Loved the Eastern European feeling to it, as well.

    This looks no different. I’m counting the minutes till it comes out.

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  122. Ireland Michael

    Well, the Battlefield single player certainly looks just as boring and uninspired as the last game.

    @116 Hah!

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  123. DSB

    I quite liked the campaign of BF3, but I really don’t get why they’re suddenly trying so hard to be CoD. I think they’d do a lot better by sticking to their roots and giving people something unique.

    You’re supposed to beat ‘em, not join ‘em.

    #123 2 years ago
  124. Bill_E_Talent


    #124 2 years ago
  125. absolutezero

    I can’t actually see whats going on in this video because of all the particles and screen glare and lense flare and horse shit filters and colour bleeding.

    It just looks like noise. and sound. and explosions.

    #125 2 years ago
  126. Bill_E_Talent

    @126 That means they’re getting close to achieving the real thing.

    #126 2 years ago
  127. DSB

    I like the waves though. I hope someone makes a Deadliest Catch mod.

    Oh right, EA doesn’t allow modding anymore.

    #127 2 years ago
  128. G1GAHURTZ

    What kind of t-shirt is that!!?

    #128 2 years ago
  129. Bill_E_Talent

    Wow, MS went all out with buying up timed exclusive’s next-gen.

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  130. viralshag

    That looked great.

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  131. Ireland Michael

    @129 An awesome one!

    #131 2 years ago
  132. Clupula

    Eye-Strain: The Game

    #132 2 years ago
  133. themadjock

    I’m tired of this exclusive shit. I know competition is good but we should all be able to play together, especially now the architecture is so similar.

    #133 2 years ago
  134. absolutezero

    I want the Capybara shirt. Its lovely.

    #134 2 years ago
  135. Sadismek

    @134 I’m not too bothered, to be honest. I very rarely purchase games day one anyway.

    #135 2 years ago
  136. Bill_E_Talent

    They want you to get tired of it, so you’ll cave and buy the console. It’s WORKING!

    #136 2 years ago
  137. laughing-gravy

    Cgi or in engine?

    #137 2 years ago
  138. laughing-gravy

    Definitely CGI.

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  139. CyberMarco

    oh wow, another halo… -.-

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    System seller, right there!

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  141. Sadismek

    Of course…

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  142. laughing-gravy

    any one else think Bonnie Ross is hot?

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  143. Bill_E_Talent

    Fuck, Halo 4 just released less than a year ago… Too SOOn!

    #143 2 years ago
  144. viralshag

    I don’t care what others say, Halo still gets me excited.

    #144 2 years ago
  145. DSB

    Looks like a woman has somehow managed to crash the stage. Hopefully someone will tell her that she’s at a game convention, and have her escorted out.

    #145 2 years ago
  146. Ireland Michael

    That looked cool, up the point where they showed Master Chief’s face and I realised that it would just be another generic first person shooter.

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  148. CyberMarco

    wow 60FPS, the future…

    Damn, I’m sounding like Erth, ain’t I? :P

    @148 hahahaha lol

    #148 2 years ago
  149. laughing-gravy

    Wanna see in engine footage!

    #149 2 years ago
  150. Gnosis

    Were that like 3 shooters after another?

    #150 2 years ago
  151. absolutezero



    #151 2 years ago
  152. stockops3

    So far its been better RYSE, Sunset, KI3, then any other past press conference but ANOTHER HALO!? FUCK OFF!

    #152 2 years ago
  153. laughing-gravy

    OOh £429.00 no thanks

    #153 2 years ago
  154. G1GAHURTZ


    Too expensive!

    #154 2 years ago
  155. Bill_E_Talent

    What was the US price? I missed it…

    #155 2 years ago
  156. DSB

    Tharr she blows!

    #156 2 years ago
  157. CyberMarco

    Nice, I just saved me 500€!

    #157 2 years ago
  158. G1GAHURTZ


    #158 2 years ago
  159. viralshag

    £429, a little bit more than I wanted but not too bad… nothing I’ve seen that’s a big turn off.

    #159 2 years ago
  160. Sadismek

    Wait, what? It’s 500 euros?

    #160 2 years ago
  161. Bill_E_Talent

    Is that Troy Baker?

    #161 2 years ago
  162. Clupula


    #162 2 years ago
  163. CyberMarco

    500$ US, 500€ EU, 429£ UK

    #163 2 years ago
  164. Gnosis

    Ok, 4 fps. Though the last one looks kinda cool.

    #164 2 years ago
  165. Sadismek

    @163 Yeah, 500 euros in Europe :/

    #165 2 years ago
  166. themadjock

    How much?!

    #166 2 years ago
  167. Ireland Michael

    Ell ooh ell. Europe and UK get royally fucked over in price. Especially the UK.

    Titanfall looks terrible. Just another uninspired shooter.

    #167 2 years ago
  168. themadjock

    £4 more than PS3 lol

    #168 2 years ago
  169. Bill_E_Talent

    Definitely had a District 9 vibe to it…

    #169 2 years ago
  170. laughing-gravy

    They just priced themselves out of the market. No fucking way am I buying that.

    #170 2 years ago
  171. Sadismek

    @168 Yep and yep.

    #171 2 years ago
  172. absolutezero

    499.00 USD = 320.253 GBP

    Go fuck yourself.

    #172 2 years ago
  173. DSB

    Titanfall: Robots are kinda being done to death in my opinion, but the gameplay looks tight as hell.

    #173 2 years ago
  174. viralshag

    So this looks a little like MAG on the PS3. Which I loved. Might be the system seller for me… looking forward to seeing Sony and their price point.

    Yeah Titanfall looks friggin sick.

    Eject and fuck some shit up… yeah that was awesoooome.

    #174 2 years ago
  175. Bill_E_Talent

    Could be fun, but how many of those are AI opponents?

    #175 2 years ago
  176. Bill_E_Talent

    Some of that Mech shit looks pretty damn fun. +wall running!

    #176 2 years ago
  177. DSB

    Can’t believe that’s the Source engine. Craaaazy.

    #177 2 years ago
  178. absolutezero

    Why did they just make CoD?


    #178 2 years ago
  179. G1GAHURTZ


    Where do I preorder!??

    #179 2 years ago
  180. Bill_E_Talent

    My understanding is Titanfall is a 1 year exclusive with MS

    #180 2 years ago
  181. DSB

    Okay, jumping onto the robot and fucking it up looks pretty fucking sick.

    I would preorder, but it’s absolutely going to be an Origin exclusive, so..

    #181 2 years ago
  182. Mjorh

    Can someone fill me in about the bad/good news ?

    #182 2 years ago
  183. absolutezero

    The reload animations were identical. The complete lack of recoil. The stupid derpy run.

    So much potential. and its CoD with mechs. Not even cool Mechs. Just shitty Mechs.

    #183 2 years ago
  184. G1GAHURTZ

    Game over man!

    Titanfall just won it for MS!

    CoD’s days are finally numbered…

    #184 2 years ago
  185. Ireland Michael

    @185 Ell ooh ell.

    #185 2 years ago
  186. Hcw87

    Suddenly the choice has become alot easier, unless Sony presents some exclusives i’m actually interested in later. Killzone and GT6 has allready been outdone by Titanfall and Forza in my book.

    #186 2 years ago
  187. polygem

    that´s it?…severely unimpressed here.
    crimson dragon and halo have been the only real wow moments for me. not enough.

    #187 2 years ago
  188. stretch215

    Microsofts best e3 in a while. Now I’m just waiting for Sony.

    #188 2 years ago
  189. Bill_E_Talent

    @187 Er, do you mean Driveclub?

    #189 2 years ago
  190. polygem

    double post

    #190 2 years ago
  191. Gekidami

    Titan Fall looked cool, but as i tuned in just as that demo was running, i was wondering if it wasnt a 360 version they were playing, visually it looks good, but not that good. I didnt see anything else, but were there any decent visual games or is TitanFall pretty representative of what we’re getting with the XB1?

    #191 2 years ago
  192. SplatteredHouse

    I’m surprised to see that Animal Crossing and FIFA are ranked above BF4 according to Spike TV’s social tracker.

    Out of the conference, the things I thought were most promising were Phantom Pain – that looked hot – and whatever that introductory video was, for that crazy Insomniac Games thing. That looked fun…Along with the game about a kid trying to rescue his brother, that had irritated him to the extent he had wanted him to disappear (and his wish was granted) of which the name I don’t recall :( That looked a good idea.

    #192 2 years ago
  193. G1GAHURTZ

    Killer Instinct
    Forza Motorsport 5
    Project Spark
    Dead Rising 3

    Now that’s a decent bunch of killer apps, right there!

    #193 2 years ago
  194. Hcw87

    Driveclub is arcade/social oriented, not interested.

    #194 2 years ago
  195. reask

    Pretty impressive e3 imho.

    #195 2 years ago
  196. CyberMarco

    Other than Metal Gear going open-world, everything else is more or less the same but with better graphics, meh next-gen!

    Only bummer is Dead Rising 3, I hope it’ll make it to PC at least.

    #196 2 years ago
  197. manamana

    Input one = 500€

    #197 2 years ago
  198. MadFingerz

    Dead Rising 3 looked OK, for the most part, although it’s way grittier from the DR that I remember..Now it looks like The Walking Dead, which might be good or bad for the fans, I don’t know…

    Spark would be interesting if it wasn’t running on Rare’s same-ol engine. So tired of that silly color scheme…

    The Witcher 3 looked pretty cool.

    Have mixed feelings about Titanfall. Map navigation looked fun but I think it will cause many annoying moments in multiplayer.

    They should have ended it with MGS, that was the best for me.

    #198 2 years ago
  199. Bill_E_Talent

    @195 Was just confused as you were comparing current-gen GT6 with next-gen Forza. If Forza didn’t outshine GT6, that would be pretty sad.

    #199 2 years ago
  200. stretch215

    Don’t forget about sunset overdrive. I thought that looked awesome!

    #200 2 years ago
  201. Hcw87

    Sony won’t outdo MS by showing more games than them atleast, they’ve yet to even show their console, and probably talk about PS move etc. If they announce HL3 though, i’ll be all over it.

    #201 2 years ago
  202. Joe Musashi

    Great show. Good to their word. Games game and games. Some big names, big reveals. Good variety. Big finish. Price announced.

    Minor issues with Crimson Dragon in silence (and you could hear rent-a-crowd earning their pay) and BF4 not starting.

    Master Chief dressed as a Jawa was the highlight for me. :)

    Pretty good stuff. I predict a lot of people that were very opposed to the console will sign on the dotted line now.

    Gauntlet thrown!


    #202 2 years ago
  203. Hcw87

    GT6 will come to PS4 eventually aswell, they’ll more than likely show it tonight.

    #203 2 years ago
  204. daytripper

    Nothing blew me away on the first party front, underwhelmed especially with some of the visuals

    #204 2 years ago
  205. Ireland Michael

    @201, Yeah, that pre-rendered cutscene looked amazing alright.

    #205 2 years ago
  206. Hcw87

    Depends where you watched the stream, the 360 App had horrible quality compared to the twitch stream for example. Also, it’s stream quality, wait for the direct feeds.

    #206 2 years ago
  207. stretch215

    @206 did my comment offend you or something you sensitive little twat?

    #207 2 years ago
  208. polygem

    never was a fan of dead rising so it´s not a big deal for me if i miss out on it.
    am i expecting too much? there really was no nextgen feeling at all. the show left me completely unimpressed. only crimson dragon and halo made me really excited and halowise they didn´t show anything really. i liked ryse but qte´s turned me off, also looked very very scripted. i was hoping for a more intense sword fight feeling, like a pimped, more action based dark souls combatwise. did not expect it to be that qte heavy. not much for me there in ms´s show. shooters are kind of dead to me. lost interest in that genre. played the shit out of fps´s. i might pick up destiny though. i have a lot of trust in bungie. i believe this game will blow all the other shooters out of the water anyway so destiny will probably be enough for my shooter fix..let´s wait for sony. i think it will be easy to beat ms with games AND pricing.

    #208 2 years ago
  209. Hcw87

    He has nothing constructive to add, except whiny remarks. Just ignore the random troll.

    #209 2 years ago
  210. Clupula

    Overall, an alright conference. They had a lot of boring shooter stuff, but I know that sells to the mouthbreathers, so they will get some points for that, even if those aren’t games I’m particularly interested in.

    Dead Rising 3 looked great up until that air strike nonsense, which completely killed how into it I was previous to that.

    Crimson Dragon, even without sound looked great.

    Otherwise, same old shit with a slightly shinier sheen.

    And $500?!? With XBlive fees on top of that?!?!? Fuck no.

    So, overall, they did okay. Nothing that swayed me. Let’s see if Sony are able to do better. I very much Sony remember to whip out the Japanese games tonight.

    #210 2 years ago
  211. Ireland Michael

    @208 Nope, just pointing out that there was no actual gameplay shown.

    @210 Ell ooh ell at selectively ignoring all the positive things I *have* said. You seem to have a bit of hard on for me. <3

    #211 2 years ago
  212. laughing-gravy

    Overall very poor showing. Best thing all night was BF4 and it isn’t exclusive. Then there was that price! What are they thinking? Add the DRM and everything else and it just makes it a no-no. CGI for Halo does have me worried. Were they to scared of comparisons to KZSF?

    #212 2 years ago
  213. daytripper

    The Black Tusk Studio trailer , what was the point? I’m not going to argue with people who enjoyed the briefing, good on them , I just personally thought it was meh

    #213 2 years ago
  214. Froseidon

    @208 – He’s sour about the X1. A lot of people are, its understandable. But still, sarcasm was a little far.

    @212 – Or not, my bad, I apologise :P but it looked as if a little was shown.

    #214 2 years ago
  215. stretch215

    @212 did I mention gameplay? No. Fuck off.

    #215 2 years ago
  216. polygem

    don´t let them get you michael. they´re just pissed that the show was only soso.

    #216 2 years ago
  217. Ireland Michael

    @216 Someone’s a bit sensitive this evening. Need a hug?

    I mean… who needs to see gameplay footage of a game, right? Gameplay is for losers! Hahahaha.

    @216 Im laughing my ass off, don’t worry.

    #217 2 years ago
  218. machy

    MS (Y) i enjoyed and bf4 on 60fps it’s a win for next gen .. but they didnt talked about any of the drm stuff or connectivity .. plus 500 $$ i’ll wait and see what price will sony put on the ps4

    #218 2 years ago
  219. laughing-gravy

    Anyone else think that MGS5 looked like Red dead redemption?

    #219 2 years ago
  220. Hcw87

    How could they have made it better? There was zero talk about TV and social crap, which is good. Also, Killzone didn’t look better than MGS/BF4 for example, so graphics wise i don’t see where the Sony fanboys get the ”50% more graphical power on PS4!” stuff from.

    Price is also exactly as expected from a next gen system, it’s not like PS4 will retail for 399, vs 499 for Xbone.

    #220 2 years ago
  221. reask

    In all fairness it will most likely take devs on both consoles a bit of time to start squeezing there potential.
    499 euro is not cheap but I suppose it aint really that bad.
    Overall I was pretty impressed at the range of games shown and look forward to the Sony one later.
    What time is Sony,s on at?

    #221 2 years ago
  222. Joe Musashi



    #222 2 years ago
  223. Hcw87

    Sony’s conference is at 11pm UK time.

    EDIT: NO, that’s the Ubisoft conference. Sony is 3 hours later than that.

    #223 2 years ago
  224. stretch215

    @218 not sensitive at all. I just can’t fucking stand you. Lol.

    #224 2 years ago
  225. reask

    Ah cmon Mike it was a good showing overall.

    #225 2 years ago
  226. machy

    @224 no it’s 2 AM GMT

    #226 2 years ago
  227. G1GAHURTZ


    Don’t engage the trolls who have nothing to do except make negative comments.

    Especially when they’re so blatantly fishing for a bite.

    #227 2 years ago
  228. Ireland Michael

    @225 “I’m so *not* sensitive that I’m going to throw expletive insults in your direction and get all annoyed at your comments”.

    Indeed. *laughs*

    @228 Selective bias at its finest.

    #228 2 years ago
  229. laughing-gravy

    @221 Are you on something? They showed nothing as good as KZSF. Even BF4 had limited draw distance in comparison. KZSF had much better particles, lighting etc. MGS looked like Red dead Redemption on PS3. Stop smoking crack.

    #229 2 years ago
  230. super3000

    so much good games!! that was great show lots playable and looked soo good.

    xbone going to sell like crazy with these exclusive.

    #230 2 years ago
  231. polygem

    right now i cannot sense one troll in this thread, only people TRYING to share their feelings about the show. ffs let me disagree if i disagree.

    #231 2 years ago
  232. fearmonkey

    I started watching this thinking that I was afraid that certain things would be shown that would make me want the Xbox One, and I don’t want to support MS in their new restrictive anti-consumer baloney.

    They didnt show a Xbox One Halo2:Anniversary, they didnt show a HALO4: One version, they didnt show a Fable: Anniversary or Fable 4, they didnt show anything that would make me salvate.

    I loved Killer Instinct but I wont buy a console for it, most of the games shown are coming to PC, Ryse looked amazing, the best game shown in my opinion. Project spark looked good, but remedy’s new game was barely shown, as were a few others. There wasnt anything that screamed “man I have to give in and own an Xbox One”.

    The price is interesting, $499 for a new console that is so restrictive, makes me own a Kinect I don’t want, requires a Xbox live gold subscription to get the most out of it, and requires broadband internet. The Xbox one is an expensive entertainment package for sure.

    So far I can live without the Xbox One, so I hope Sony knocks it out of the park.

    #232 2 years ago
  233. fearmonkey

    @polygem – super3000 seems to be a MS shill – Every post except one that I have read is MS IS SOOOOOO AWESOME!

    #233 2 years ago
  234. Ireland Michael

    @226 QTE-fest, sequels, shooters, Project Spark, zombies, sequels, shooters, driving game, and more shooters.

    Quantum Spark also looks like it had potential, but again, no real gameplay was shown, so its hard to get excited. It’s completely irrelevant how good the games are anyway as long as the hardware continues to use its restrictive DRM setup.

    @233 The only things that would make you salivate are rehashes and sequels of old games..?


    #234 2 years ago
  235. reask

    Thats the problem when you don’t like something, you look for negatives rather than having an opinion.
    I own both present consoles and hope to eventually own the next 2.

    I like gaming at the end of the day and a few pixels here or there dont put me off a good game.

    #235 2 years ago
  236. polygem

    @233: well said. let me +1 that.

    #236 2 years ago
  237. super3000


    kzsf did not looked special at all.

    #237 2 years ago
  238. stretch215

    Expletive insults indeed. I think it was a correct description, at least based on your “persona” here. It’s e3, shouldn’t you be trying to write a sorry excuse for an article on that little site?

    #238 2 years ago
  239. reask

    On a roll tonight. ;)

    #239 2 years ago
  240. Ireland Michael

    @239 I haven’t been involved in games journalism in over a year, mate.

    #240 2 years ago
  241. SplatteredHouse

    not amazing, but there were several highlights.

    #241 2 years ago
  242. laughing-gravy

    Even if they released this thing at £350 they still didn’t show me anything worth buying. But £429 FFS!

    #242 2 years ago
  243. stretch215

    @241 for the better of us all

    #243 2 years ago
  244. absolutezero

    Actually one of the more interesting details seems to have lost in the cracks.

    Queing up one game while playing another was really pretty cool actually, being able to swap once the game is ready and have the previous game pause in place while your playing something else? Pretty cool stuff.

    Just a shame nigh on all the game were deeply dull looking and the best game of the conference is a current gen title.

    #244 2 years ago
  245. polygem

    @245: dark souls 2?

    #245 2 years ago
  246. absolutezero


    #246 2 years ago
  247. laughing-gravy

    Ha ha paid shill? you seem to have just magically appeared on here overnight. Not special? It was still better than anything MSoft showed tonight. are you one of these

    #247 2 years ago
  248. Ireland Michael

    @244 Right in the feels. I’m wounded.

    Jesus, you’re a tool. Hahaha.

    @245 “Queing up one game while playing another was really pretty cool actually,”

    It almost reminds me of my… my PC. In 2005.

    It’s never going to be as smooth as these videos make it looks, simply because the hardware has a finite amount of RAM and it will be impossible to keep all those assets in memory *all* the time.

    #248 2 years ago
  249. absolutezero

    I just like that it tells you once its done.

    That and I’m pretty salty about missing out on the Sweary game.

    Thats about it.

    #249 2 years ago
  250. CaptPierce

    $500 for the console, $60 per year for online play and games, used games are going to pretty much be nonexistent, Kinect is required, and tons of other mass restrictions.

    I’m sorry but that is NOT worth half a grand.

    #250 2 years ago
  251. stretch215

    @249 hey man, your writing sucked. Better to leave it to those with talent. I’m sure you’re happier now. It shows.

    #251 2 years ago
  252. Ireland Michael

    @252 Thank fuck I don’t require egomaniacal halfwits on the Internet like yourself to validate my capabilities.

    I will say though, being able to simply enjoy E3 without having to write a hundred plus news articles is fucking awesome.

    #252 2 years ago
  253. Froseidon

    @252/53 – would you two stop it, seriously? I’m sick of arguing around E3 and next-gen T_T

    @251 – They didn’t talk about Kinect at all during their conference, and they also confirmed a while back that Kinect can be turned off, as in, it isn’t a requirement.

    #253 2 years ago
  254. DarkElfa

    By the way, I called KI about a week ago on here.

    #254 2 years ago
  255. CyberMarco

    So what was those 15 “exclusives” that Microsoft was going to wow us with?

    #255 2 years ago
  256. Noodlemanny

    Wow Dead Rising 3 looks fuckin epic

    #256 2 years ago

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