Skylanders: Activision crushes hopes for movie or TV spin-offs

Thursday, 30 May 2013 12:40 GMT By Dave Cook

Skylanders won’t be getting a movie adaptation or TV series, Activision has confirmed, crushing the dreams of wee children everywhere, probably.

Speaking with MCV, Activision’s VP of consumer marketing John Coyne said, “In terms of a TV show or a movie, no there are not any plans. We believe the game is the entertainment.

“You talk to kids who are real fans of the franchise, and they will be able to tell you Gill Grunt’s powers, backstory, what his friends are and generally what’s going on in the world of Skylanders. The same sort of things that they are able to articulate around a TV show or a movie.”

Then vice president of Activision’s business unit Joshua Taub added, “The video game is the movie.”

So there you go folks, it’s not happening. Try and sleep tonight if you can.