Space Channel 5 Twitter fires into life

Monday, 27 May 2013 07:03 GMT By Brenna Hillier

A Japanese Space Channel 5 Twitter account has opened, claiming to be an official representative of the long-dormant rhythm action brand.

The account’s bio requests patience, promises more information soon, and directs interested parties to Sega’s website – all of which adds up to absolutely nothing at all, but I want to believe Sega is prepping to announce a new game in the series.

Tweets so far are largely uninformative.

Space Channel 5 was the product of Tetsuya Mizugushi, who later went on to make Child of Eden and Rez.

It debuted on the Dreamcast in 1999, managed to sneak in a Michael Jackson cameo, and produced one sequel before vanishing from the release schedule – if not our hearts. Ports and re-releases have turned up in the intervening years.

Thanks, Superannuation.