Xbox One & PS4 a generation ahead of high-end PCs, says EA exec

Thursday, 23rd May 2013 10:09 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One and PS4 are a generation ahead of current high-end PCs, according to EA’s CTO Rajat Teneja. The exec has discussed the leap in power between next-gen formats and current rigs in a new post.

In a LinkedIn post, Teneja said of next-gen formats, “These architectures are a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market. Our benchmarks on just the video and audio performance are 8-10 times superior to the current gen.

“The compute capabilities of these platforms and the data transfer speeds we can now bank on, essentially removes any notion of rationing of systems resources for our game engines.”

Cross-play is also of great interest to the exec, such as tethering third-party devices to next-gen consoles, a feature that was billed heavily at Microsoft’s recent Xbox One reveal.

He continued, “We’ll really start to see more examples of true cross-device play. Sony showed off the ability through their cloud gaming functionality to allow gamers to play high-end console titles on the handheld Vita product.

“The architecture of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 present more opportunities to take your game from TV to smartphone to PC, with seamless ubiquity and experience gaming at any time, in any way on any device.”

What do you think of the above? Can these machines deliver a generational leap over current, top-of-the-line PC hardware? Let us know below.




  1. Gekidami

    Butthurt incoming.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. macronia

    REALLY ?!! joke of the day :D .. Erthazus !!

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Night Hunter

    Don’t say such things, dear EA exec. Most of us know it is just PR talk, but it still summons our PC Overlords …

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Zidane

    Well, if your precious Xbox One and PlayStation 4 come equipped with a built-in cheese sandwich maker I would say he’s right. That’s something I’ve always wanted in my PC.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Lengendaryboss

    Hmmm ever since the Xbone Reveal my laughing entertainment just keeps increasing :D

    #5 2 years ago
  6. zme-ul

    I seriously can’t stop laughing
    and this is coming from EA

    quoting someone who posted a comment on that Linkedin article:
    Mark Z.
    MTS Product Engineer at Altera

    AMD Jaguar 8-core running at 1.6GHz vs Intel Core i7 @ 3.5GHz = Generations ahead?!? Come on.”

    #6 2 years ago
  7. Bomba Luigi

    What exactly is a High End PC for this Guy? Thats always the Question, High End PC can mean so much diffrent Specs.

    But aside from that, the Thing about Consoles and PC always was: These are two diffrent Things, its hard to compare them. But the new Consoles seems to get more and more in a PC Direction – not in a good way. There are good Things and Bad Things about Gaming PCs, but it looks like they throw away good Things of Consoles to take over bad Thing from PC.
    Its really strange.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. zme-ul

    as many see it, hi-end PC is a PC build with the very best / powerful components available on the market for prosumer/ consumer use
    this excludes server components

    #8 2 years ago
  9. ballz

    problem is there are enough noobs out there who will believe this shit

    #9 2 years ago
  10. KrazyKraut

    brace yourselves…

    #10 2 years ago
  11. KineticCalvaria

    @1, Erthazus incoming…

    Get ready for the ‘shitty’ and ‘hardware from *insert year*’.

    #11 2 years ago
  12. DrDamn

    He said architecture not performance, but feel free to ignore that.

    #12 2 years ago
  13. Bomba Luigi

    8: If its just the best available stuff, you can build in 2 Titans. And so just GPU is already way ahead of Consoles, I don’t believe he thought about that. He must have mean something else.

    #13 2 years ago
  14. OwnedWhenStoned

    If that’s true, then why did the “next gen” Call of Duty look so bad?

    I was expecting something jaw dropping, but it looked like a badly done PC game.

    #14 2 years ago
  15. viralshag

    @12, a lot of that going around lately…

    #15 2 years ago
  16. DiodeX

    I love to see cross platform online gaming, now both use x86 jobbies, (excuse the technobabble) is it possible?, EA could do it as they demand their own servers?

    #16 2 years ago
  17. Malmer

    @14 CoD looked bad because of bad art.

    #17 2 years ago
  18. zme-ul

    actually he said both architecture and performance

    architecture translates directly to performance; why would someone design a new architecture, not get better performance?

    #18 2 years ago
  19. Logion

    Comparing PC and Consoles are always hard. Especially since a Console is built for games from the ground up when a PC is not. It all depends what exactly you are comparing with.

    It’s like comparing a Sports car to a Formula One car. Both are built for speed but for very different purposes.

    #19 2 years ago
  20. The_GHOST

    Shut Up with that crap!
    PC’s will always be superior over consoles
    And the next gen COD 2013 looked worse than BF3 2011

    #20 2 years ago
  21. FrankWhite

    This is funny. They make these kinds of PR statements because the people who want to hear it don’t care if it is true or not. The people who know better probably are PC gamers who understand PC hardware and just got a chuckle out of this. PR at its finest, lying directly to customers because hey, they don’t know better, fuck em.

    #21 2 years ago
  22. monkeygourmet

    This just isn’t true…

    As much as i’d like to believe that Unreal 4 would run as well on a PS4 / ONE as a PC with an overclocked i7, GTX680 and 16Gb Ram…

    #22 2 years ago
  23. Gekidami

    And it came in droves.

    #23 2 years ago
  24. MisterNobody

    Somehow, I think my 4.6ghz quad-core i7, 16gigs of ram, and GTX Titan will be just fine. Thanks for your opinion though, faceless and ill-informed EA PR drone!

    #24 2 years ago
  25. viralshag


    #25 2 years ago
  26. DrDamn

    No he said architecture. The performance comparison was to current gen consoles. Performance is related to architecture but it’s absolutely not the same thing.

    #26 2 years ago
  27. redwood

    @17 true that… IW needs to think abit beyond “dark and grungy” .

    #27 2 years ago

    “The compute capabilities of these platforms and the data transfer speeds we can now bank on, essentially removes any notion of rationing of systems resources for our game engines.”

    Well he could be absolutely right.

    But there’s not a single X1/PS4 game,demo or engine that I’ve seen so far to back him up.

    #28 2 years ago
  29. zme-ul

    please read again:
    These architectures are a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market. Our benchmarks on just the video and audio performance are 8-10 times superior to the current gen.

    #29 2 years ago
  30. Rockin a Jack D

    Really? Better than an i3770k overclocked to 4.6ghz, 32gb ram, SLI’d Titans, and an SSD? Riiiiiight.

    More PR gobshite from EA. Anything to sell a shite system. This console will be known as the EAbox.

    #30 2 years ago
  31. Lord Gremlin

    See, we’ll need to SEE games. I can’t say if it’s true or not, but I know some facts. Like that 512 mb of RAM in 360 and PS3 equals 4gb in Windows PC. I don’t know just how capable all this custom hardware in PS4 will be. It may be more capable that hi-end PC? Let’s see the games.

    I also keep in mind the optimization thing. There are some games that tank even on GTX titan. Naturally, you can say that’s godawful optimization and it’s true. Thing is, if console version is better optimized RAW power will not matter. PC vs console now is like PS3 vs 360 back when they were new. PS3 is blatantly more powerful, but look at some early multiplatform games.

    #31 2 years ago
  32. sh4dow

    What a bunch of bullshit. And it would be VERY disappointing if only Erthazus got upset by such a stupid comment.

    #32 2 years ago
  33. Erthazus

    Simple question.

    Can Xbox One and PS4 play games in 2560×1440 resolution in 60 frames per second or can these two machines have an option for games that can offer a player a choice with what FPS he want to play?

    The answer is simple. No, they can’t.
    Move on.

    Same thing was said about PS2, Xbox 1, PS3, Xbox 360 and the answer was right there from the beggining. The hardware inside two boxes has it’s limits like every other device out there and you can’t do anything about it.

    So far, every console game that was shown was not impressive at all. Crysis 1 is from 2007 and there are no console games that looks better to this day. then PC counterpart.
    and i’m not talking about metro:The Last light or BF3/BF4 PC version and other things because it’s going to be an overkill and hillarious comparison.

    #33 2 years ago
  34. monkeygourmet


    But then surely, when the PS4 and ONE get into their stride, we will have Maxwell and New AMD 20nm GPU’s?

    About a year into the PS4′s life, if that; a GTX 680 will prob cost about £100…

    #34 2 years ago
  35. DrDamn

    Maybe read the linked post and not the abridged article …

    “Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have adopted electronics and an integrated systems-on-a -chip (soc) architecture that unleashes magnitudes more compute and graphics power than the current generation of consoles. These architectures are a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market and their unique design of the hardware, the underlying operating system and the live service layer create one of the most compelling platforms to reimagine game mechanics. Our benchmarks on just the video and audio performance are 8-10 times superior to the current gen.”

    The performance comparison is related to the current generation of consoles.

    #35 2 years ago
  36. monkeygourmet


    Thats cool, it’s also why people were saying the Wii U SOC was more powerful than 360 but with slower clock speed.

    Thing is, what was there example of a ‘current gen’ machine. Did they mean PC or 360? If PC, that leaves a huuuuuuge area of difference.

    Was it a mid range PC or High spec?

    Also, Dave is trying to flame us:

    “What do you think of the above? Can these machines deliver a generational leap over current, top-of-the-line PC hardware?”

    #36 2 years ago
  37. ps3fanboy

    dropping the new fifa engine for pc and now ea says consoles are years ahead of pc. these new consoles are similar to pc so i think ea don’t want to make games for the real pc anymore. this gen have also shown that developers don’t bother to update their game engine for the pc anymore, and just do a straight port. so having the latest and fastest pc rig don’t matter. the amount of pc games have been declining year after year. mobil,tablets,handhelds and consoles are just bringing in more revenue for developers. maybe shocking for the pc master race, but in the future the game making for pc can become something of the past.

    #37 2 years ago
  38. Erthazus

    ^ Playstation fanboy. That’s where you are wrong. EA for example makes more money on the PC right now and they are in big battle between STEAM and Origin on the PC space.

    Relax kid, no one is going to forget about PC. Have you seen recent Kickstarter projects that will never end up on consoles? Well, yeah. Have you seen Total War games? Well, probably not because you are a Playstation fanboy. Have you seen recent DOTA games that are popular right now and make a lot of money? Have you seen how much DIABLO 3 sold on the PC?

    Relax kid. Sony is not going to let you down with QTE’s, health regeneration, motion blur visuals and cinematic experiences.

    #38 2 years ago
  39. harr0w


    @37,38 Erthazus took the words right out of my mouth. boomzinga

    #39 2 years ago
  40. Hunam

    As a PC fanboy… the new consoles are a generation ahead really.

    It’s not down to raw power, I still have them beat on that, but the usage of power and the architecure is just much more advanced, combined cpu/gpu and single, fast memory storage and native 64 bit for everything is going to mean upgrades will be abound when APU’s start coming out for PC.

    #40 2 years ago
  41. The Auracle

    Doesn’t the industry do this at the beginning of every single generation? “[insert console hardware here] is more powerful than [insert mention or allusion to high-end PC's or PC component here, then multiply by 9873465 times].”

    Ironic that they would say that but the devs are using high-end PC’s to develop for the machine in question.

    #41 2 years ago
  42. GwynbleiddiuM

    @Erth +100 on #33

    #38 now now, do you honestly think that you can reason with someone whose account name is “ps3fanboy”? I mean c’mon …

    #42 2 years ago
  43. NinjaHart

    @19 Oh yeah, I think Microsoft already confirmed that they did not build Xbox One as a gaming consol, but as a all-in-one entertainment solution, besides, if they were revealing a gaming consol, why were almost everyone there talking about TV all the time?

    Xbox One to me seems like a oversized voice controlled TV remote. Besides, PC evolves all the time, consoles don’t. So there is no way PC is going to stay at the top specs it is today, but the consoles will stay the same until they make a new console or a improved version.

    #43 2 years ago
  44. Erthazus

    @42, Of course not, but Playstation fanboys are always funny.

    #44 2 years ago
  45. YoungZer0

    These fucking guys. Don’t know nothing about nothing.

    My PC is nearly 6 years old now and it’s still ahead of the new console generation. Mind you, it was mid-range when I bought it.

    #45 2 years ago
  46. DrDamn

    This. That is what he’s actually talking about in relation to PC’s.

    #46 2 years ago

    ^ Well it’s difficult to say…

    An F1 car’s engine size is no more than 2.4l, but because it’s built for racing from the ground up, it beats the pants off anything else on the road.

    Even an 8.0l Bugatti Veyron can’t come close to an F1 car, because it’s built to carry people safely and comfortably, first and foremost.

    So is it the same case here, where you can have a 4GHz processor, with 32GB RAM, blah, blah, highest spec, etc, but it still wouldn’t be able to match a machine specifically designed to play games and nothing else?

    It might take a year or two’s game development to find out…

    #47 2 years ago
  48. CyberMarco

    I could see consoles being more optimized for gaming compared to PC that have windows and other crap working in the background that take aways resources…

    #48 2 years ago
  49. undermyrules

    best joke ive heard in years…next gen(ps4/xbox one) for them pc is next gen and always will be cuz PC is superiour i7 procesor nvidia680/amd 7970 thats like double the graphic power that ps4 and xbox one have right now…and the amd jaguar 8 core 1.6 ghz is a joke for current intel i7 3770 procesor…hahaha really im having a big laugh.

    #49 2 years ago
  50. monkeygourmet


    I think you can argue that last gen as the CELL was quite powerful, but difficult to program for.

    By the time stuff like Uncharted had come out, PC’s had again moved on.

    This time it’s different, the PS4 & ONE ARE PC’s pretty much. From a programming perspective they should be able to hit the ground running.

    It will be good to see how launch games stack up against PC stuff. However, considering they are targeting 1080p & 30fps, I fear we are already quite behind PC’s before they get released.

    Im still most interested how good Wii U games will look at E3.

    #50 2 years ago


    It’s not just about knowing how to program for it, though. It’s also about making libraries and other resources that you can build on.

    The 360 was relatively straightforward to code for, but games still managed to look and run much better over time.

    Also, it’s not just just a case of straight porting between PC/console. According to this article, because the architecture is so different, you can do things much more efficiently on console, so I’m also assuming that this will also take time to get to grips with.

    #51 2 years ago
  52. Hunam

    Just as a point. My PC has a total of 18GB’s of ram.

    16GB System Ram/2GB Video Ram. They are physically seperate, running at different speeds. One has to transfer to the other and vice versa. I can run a fuck ton of prgrams at any one time, way more than a PS4/360, however, they can have 6GB graphics ram if they want.

    That’s 3 times the amount of graphics ram my PC can use.

    #52 2 years ago
  53. porkleaker

    Cute – there are leaked benchmarks of the 8-core Jaguar which put it at about 1/2 the performance of a current i7 ivy bridge. Consider that Haswell is upon us, add another 10 – 15% and the AMD Jaguar is now obsolete.
    Secondly, a AMD 7790 and 7850 simply do not compete with GTX titan and 7990, to make such claims is laughable, but I wouldn’t really expect more from EA. Even if you had the exact same components in a PC it’d still be superior simply due to the ability to overclock.

    Finally, consider the price of games for consoles and the fact that you can’t even bring a game over to a friends house to play it without paying a fee….Save your money, build a superior PC and get some free game bundles like AMD Neversettle, and buy games for sale on steam etc.
    You’ll save money, play at higher resolutions, it’s a no brainer.

    Suck it EA

    #53 2 years ago
  54. DrDamn

    Good example. Pure performance wise stuff may well be faster on your PC still, but *architecturally* the PS4/XO are more advanced.

    #54 2 years ago
  55. undermyrules

    @54 you do know that ps4/xboxone are pc arhitecture right? if they have same arhitecture=pc always more advanced in every way

    #55 2 years ago
  56. DrDamn

    What is arhitecture?

    They use PC components but the way it is all put together and linked up is the architecture of the system. That is not the same as PCs.

    Read this …

    #56 2 years ago
  57. raftos

    @52 You’re right. The developers will have a lot of fast video memory available on PS4. There’s a leaked pdf from the killzone: shadow fall developer showing how much memory they are using for the new game, and they’re using 4,5 GB of memory: 1,5 for the system things and 3 GB for video, 3 times the amount of ram my 5830 has. It’s more than most videocards out there have. And it’s only their first game.

    #57 2 years ago
  58. stretch215

    Lol at all the upset pc guys. You’d of thought this guy said something about your mother(sadly, if he had, you probably wouldn’t of gotten that mad). I’m not really pc savvy, but I think this guy knows more than any of you. Especially about the next gen consoles, of which you all only know what you’ve been told. This guy has hands on experience with both high end pc’s and next gen consoles. I’d take his word before any of yours. Edit: I think this site has been overrun by children. There have been more incredibly dense, juvenile comments in the past 3 days than in the past 3 years. But hey, its the internet.

    #58 2 years ago
  59. raftos

    @56 Hey, Dr. I’ve read it before but lost the page. Thank you for posting it.

    #59 2 years ago
  60. OlderGamer

    Anyone seen any in game PS4/One footage that backs up this claim?

    Me either.

    #60 2 years ago
  61. OwnedWhenStoned


    you must be young. After 20 years of worsening marketing hype, you start to get a bit cynical about claims like these.

    As various people have pointed out: where’s the footage that backs it up?

    I remember similar rubbish being trotted out by “executives” at Sony in the run up to both PS2 and PS3 launches. It was all crap.

    #61 2 years ago
  62. LooneyLad

    All i have to say is:
    LOL !

    Im a large data center manager, so believe me, this guys isnt more tech savvy then me. So once again LOL to what he said. Cheers !

    #62 2 years ago
  63. stretch215

    @61 young? I’ve been gaming since atari 2600 . What, are you mad or something. Nobody is taking your beloved pc away. Look at your profile name, that’s something my 16 year old nephew would post under. And you’re asking me if I’m young?

    #63 2 years ago
  64. DrDamn

    Would you say footage shown so far is better than possible from a PC with the same AMD CPU and GPU built using current PC architecture?

    #64 2 years ago
  65. OwnedWhenStoned

    @63 Woah! I wasn’t being abusive, no offence was intended.

    I was asking if you were young. If you were you might not remember exactly this sort of thing happening for the PS3 and PS2 launches. Grand claims that fell by the wayside when the thing was launched. Not that I’ve got anything against the PS3, I own one and it’s fine. But it’s not the machine they said it was.

    I too have been gaming since the 2600 days. Apologies if you don’t like the profile name, I’ve had it since I was in my early 20s and I’m kind of stuck with it – ah student days.

    Once again, no offence meant.

    #65 2 years ago
  66. stretch215

    @65 it’s cool.I apologize. I probably over reacted. It’s like 9am here and I haven’t had any coffee. And your name is fine, man. I’ve been known to take a toke or two myself.

    #66 2 years ago
  67. OwnedWhenStoned


    Heh. 9AM and no coffee? In the US? Isn’t that an arrestable offence over there?

    It’s 3:30pm here and I need another.

    Back on topic: has anyone seen any footage from the Xbox One that blew them away? Maybe that next-gen Need for Speed?

    #67 2 years ago

    ^ There wasn’t any footage.

    At all.

    #68 2 years ago
  69. sh4dow


    “wouldn’t of gotten”
    “not really pc savvy”

    Why on earth you think that you’re qualified to voice your opinion here is beyond me.
    First step: Improve English skills to an acceptable level.
    Second step: Learn basics about the technology of consoles and PCs.
    Third step: Comment.

    Otherwise, you might as well simply post: “have no clue about this, dont know what im doing here. see ya lulz”

    #69 2 years ago
  70. OwnedWhenStoned

    Ah, OK.

    I’m seriously interested to see something genuinely new. It was obvious that the CoD engine was an upgrade rather than a new development.

    #70 2 years ago
  71. deathm00n

    @67 The only confirmed footage we saw was the one from Call of Duty and it was nothing to be impressed about when you look at Battlefield 4 or Killzone Shadow Fall for instance

    #71 2 years ago
  72. Joe_Gamer

    By high end PC I think he must mean High end laptops(still a terribly misleading statement), the new consoles are built with laptop components/architectures so there really isn’t any comparison possible between consoles and DESKTOP PC’s.

    Power wise a desktop computer CRUSHES the consoles but efficiency wise the consoles are not looking to shabby.

    EA makes quite a bit of money off of the PC but they are still hyping up the consoles? Meh, it’s all just PR speak.

    #72 2 years ago
  73. monkeygourmet


    Or maybe he’s using that ‘average’ PC gamer spec survey from Steam?

    Didn’t that show average people had fairly ‘humble’ rigs?

    #73 2 years ago
  74. Cobra951

    I must chime in with my usual reality check, because no one else seems to get it. Unlike PCs, consoles have a fixed hardware spec, which means the hardware can be programmed directly. There is no need for a hardware abstraction layer (e.g., DirectX). As a result, consoles have a *huge* performance-potential advantage over comparable PC hardware, and can hold their own against significantly more powerful PC hardware. Exploiting this advantage takes time. The early games won’t push the hardware much at all. The sweeter results will come later in the gen, as usual.

    #74 2 years ago
  75. Edo

    Jesus Christ some of the comments….WTF do you expect them to say “It’s sort of better but not really”….

    #75 2 years ago
  76. stretch215

    @69 hilarious. Coming from the guy using the number 4 as an A. I will post my opinion wherever I please. And you will do nothing about it. Jeez. What kind of weirdo grammar checks posters on a gaming site? I think you have too much time on your hands, dude. You might want to take a walk or something. I have the biggest smile on my face right now. I must’ve really pissed you off for you to single me out like that. Especially on THIS site.

    #76 2 years ago
  77. lookingglass

    With a PC, you are only as fast as your slowest component. Yes, you can pack an Nvdia Titan, and Intel i7, and 16gb of RAM into a computer. But in a PC, those components are far apart, using different data formats and languages, and there is a built in maximum speed that all this sets. Some amount of cycles and some amount of nanoseconds are added even to your $3000 rig because of what the PC architectures are.

    The new consoles do away with these slow, fixed speed aspects entirely. Unified memory, GPU/CPU on the same silicon, perfect hardware drivers, and all of it is standard across every user. A PC will never get as close to 100% efficiency as a console can. And without the slower standard PC architecture, you’re faster for free and don’t need the Titan and i7 to make up for it.

    #77 2 years ago
  78. TheWulf

    Basically it’s a graphics power house with really poor processing power and memory. Whilst I will grant that the graphical power is ahead of a great deal of PCs, the processing power is lagging behind. (Yes, PC owners, I know that if you have a 5xx Nvidia card, two 5xxs linked, a Titan, or… good grief, two Titans linked then you have better processing power too.)

    What this means is that AI is still going to be terrible. There’s a reason that the Gothic series has some of the best AI of any game, ever. I just keep wishing that one of the consoles would push the frontier on raw processing horsepower, but neither of them are. They’re both incredibly wimpy in that regard, and as a PC user you all know how I feel about graphics fidelity. I think it’s pathetic to make a fetish out of high definition and fidelity graphics.

    We need better processing to make more believable games, we need better processing to make bigger worlds. This is why you’ll never see a proper simulation game on the consoles — nothing like Sims, or Sim City, or Cities XL, or anything like that. These games in particular need great AI and a huge amount of processing power, which consoles lack. So it’s hard to develop such games for them, and if you do, they have to be trimmed down.

    Another example? Black & White II, you’d never see that on a console due to the high-end AI it used. And they even turned off some of the AI settings because they were worried it wouldn’t perform well on mid-range PCs, but you could turn a lot of that back on (the stuff that wasn’t broken, at least) and it ran fine.

    I just keep wishing that a console would push the frontier for processing so that we’d get better AI in console games, but… sadly that’s not happening this generation. Maybe next generation?

    Until that happens, there’s still room for the PC. Developers will still needt he PC if they wish to create AI that goes beyond what a console can handle.

    #78 2 years ago
  79. TheWulf


    And that’s why consoles have always left PCs in the dust in regards to hardware? That’s why consoles have AI and games that use incredible AI that PCs don’t? Oh wait. I’m sorry, but you’re talking out of your arse. You can be a bilious dialectic, spewing verbal diarrhoea, but don’t expect anyone who actually knows anything to buy it.

    The fact of the matter is is that within two months after the release of these consoles, there’ll be mid-range computers outperforming them in the stores — which will be priced competitively with the consoles. You and I both know this. So why you feel the need to smear the truth is beyond me.

    Of course, high end computers with all that raw processing power will just leave them in the dust.

    What I say: Let’s see what history says around mid-2014, when computers once again make consoles obsolete due to their lacking processing power.

    #79 2 years ago
  80. TheWulf

    I mean, really guys… pull your heads out of your arses. If the new consoles were really that impressive in regards to processing power, then where’s the announcement for Sim City landing on the XBox One/PS4 as a launch title?

    Sheesh. Computers are always going to outpace consoles. It’s not the graphics that makes the game, anyway, as I keep pointing out. And I’m actually angry that they skimped so much on the processing power this time around, it’s just as bad as last time.

    #80 2 years ago
  81. Imperius

    @#77 Thank god their is still a few smart people left. PC’s will NEVER beat a “console” they are closed systems built and designed for one purpose. Your PC’s while powerful are designed to run programs, store information, and meet many needs for all. Ranging from operating systems from windows 93 to windows 8 having many different programs running in the background and many users having 512ram to 64GB. You all fail to realize that game developers go ok so Best Buy, Comp USA, and WAL-MART sold X amount of these systems this year. Windows reports that most are on Windows XP or Vista. So our game must meet these requirements to meet sale numbers by the majority. So Mr. My PC Has 64Gb of ram and 16 processors with 8 TB of hard drive space 8 Nvidia Titans Double Double SLi with 14.2 surround sound. Guess what you have. The most powerful PC in the world that will only have 4% of its power tapped into for a video game. Why? Cause not all of us can spend on a PC what most houses would cost.

    #81 2 years ago
  82. nollie4545


    What part of you are so WHOLLY AND MASSIVELY wrong don’t you get?

    The reason games don’t tax PCs at all besides their graphics components is because in computational terms games are piss easy to run- it is just a monster load of highly repetitive but very similar tasks for which CPUs are not ideal, hence the invention of parallel processing GPUs.

    The next gen consoles and their cutting edge but not architecture are all system on a chip and are ALREADY way past it in the PC world. Don’t be fooled by any claims about unified CPU/GPU bollocks- it is done for the same reason this stuff is used in phones and tablets. System on a chip is SMALL and CHEAP.

    The CPU used in both systems is hardly ground breaking and their GPU components aren’t going to bother a last gen GTX 580 a sweat.

    You can jump up and down all you like about your 8GB of RAM, but at the end of the day game performance is down to GPU and CPU processing power. Which again relies on how fast you can clock the core of the GPU and its bandwidth.

    PC gaming rigs are not compromised by having separate components. If that was the case all PCs would have system on a chip and on die GPUs. We don’t. There is absolutely no need because even current gen GPU cards can barely saturate a PCIE 2.0 bus, much less 3.0.

    You can all suck up whatever sales BS you like but the consoles you are going to buy are running cheap AMD CPUs and cheap AMD GPUs. You aren’t going to run crysis 3 at max settings at 60fps with them.

    And regarding operating systems etc, W7 and all the other background processes a PC runs these days don’t matter a jot. They are hardly GPU intensive tasks and your average quad core PC is barely ticking over running them- certainly not more than 5% CPU loading.

    A PC is always going to monster a console; a middle spec graphics card costs more than the actual console. How can there ever be any competiton?

    #82 2 years ago
  83. xxJPRACERxx

    The only thing next-gen consoles are better at than PC is FLOPS per Watt. Since there’s no real limit on power consumption on PC it will always be more powerful, but that’s brute force power.

    And of course a close architecture is a big advantage for consoles too.

    #83 2 years ago
  84. flameb

    I have heard all the hype about PS4 and Xbox One, but i am still bewildered by the fact that people think a gameing system will tryumph a PC. There is a rule with pc every year the cores have to double we are at 8cores now so soon computers are gonna have 16core processor’s liquid cooled and what we can do with Graphics cards now is redicules. And dont forgit what do you think they used to make all the code and the games that play on xbox and ps a PC. you tell me cause im shure my computer smokes a ps4 or xbox one

    32gb Vengance ddr3 pc 2400
    Power color Radeon HD 7790 2x with crossfire that 12 gb of graphics
    not shure of the brand of my power suply but it is a 1500watt
    Processor AMD FX-8150 Black Edition 8cores over clocked 4.0ghz
    Mobo Sapphire Pure Black FX990

    the architecture is good and all but down to the basics a pc wipes the floor with any mac or ps or xbox and my computer isent even the best not even close and i have ran in all high grapgics at the same time CODBL 2 Crysis 2 darkness2 Farcry 3 and Bioshock infinite all maxed graphics and it was barly touching the graphic processor or ram and there was absolutlky no lag even between switching games i wanna see a ps4 or xbox one do that

    #84 2 years ago

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