Tropical Skyrim mod says goodbye to the winter chill

Wednesday, 13 March 2013 12:01 GMT By Nick Akerman

Are you ready to see Skyrim in a different light? Better strip off and throw your woolie hats away. Bethesda’s land just got tropical.

Skyrim modder Soolie has been hard at work stripping the snowy land of its chill. His mod, which is named Tropical Skyrim — A Climate Overhaul, inserts beaches, deserts, jungles, volcanic areas and much more into the PC version of the game.

Plenty of new wildlife can also be discovered. Bears are exchanged for Pandas, jungle spiders make an appearance, and apes replace trolls, to name a few of the changes. Various alterations have also been made to armour, buildings and weather.

Take a look right here:

Thanks, Eurogamer.