EA launches board games on Samsung Smart TV

Thursday, 8th November 2012 08:17 GMT By Dave Cook

EA has launched two board games on Samsung Smart TV. Available in the US, Monopoly and the Game of Life are available now.

Engadget reports that both games are on the Samsung app marketplace now and each cost $10. They will both feature connectvity to Samsung smartphones, specifically the S1, S2 and S3. Phone features include using your pocket device to spin dice and wheels on the board.

No release date for the UK versions has been given, but we’ll update when we can. What do you think of EA’s release? Are family board games via TV a good move, or do they defeat the point of getting the family way from the telly? Let us know below.

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  1. OlderGamer

    I think gamers are overlooking a nearly submerged iceberg drifting past their boats. Right now, no biggie, further ahead in the waters could be icebergs so big they will change the course of gaming.

    Think about this:

    Smart TV playing games, using a mobile device for interaction. This could be huge down the road. Why should pubs be limited to just consoles? Next up will be smartphones and tablets that connect to your TVs, maybe even use wireless pads.

    Right now … games that most gamers won’t care about. But I bet these biz oppertunities expand later on. I just read a thing about how Acti are becoming big fish in a shrinking pond. What happends when the console market (the shrining pond) dries up? Pubs will be looking for and already are looking for alternative markets. EA is one of the most asctive pubs out there. Some of it is hit and some of it miss. But something will stick. Maybe it is smart TVs.

    Some interesting reads out there. Poke around, some major “news” and gaming sites are starting to wonder if the new consoles will suceed at all. Pondering that this current gen will be the last big mass market one, and next gen will trickle out, never reach the same height as this one, and will no doubt(accourding to them) be the last gen.

    So, do I think much of Monoply on a TV? No. But do I think this move represents one of many moves that are testing the waters for what happens next(maybe even after consoles)? Yes, very much.

    #1 2 years ago

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