Habbo Hotel owner chops 60 jobs at studio ahead of focus shift

Tuesday, 30th October 2012 09:49 GMT By Dave Cook

Habbo Hotel, the isometric social hub from developer Sulake is to see staff cuts of up to 60 employees, following an internal restructure, and a shift in focus. The move will see the hub geared back towards social networking. reports that Sulake CEO Paul Fontaine confirmed the shift in Habbo Hotel’s focus on the company’s blog, stating, “We are going to focus specifically on the features and services that makes finding new friends and sharing with old friends enjoyable. This means new features, fresh themed entertainment and a variety of games.”

Meanwhile, GigaOm reported that said move would lead to a cull in 60 staff from a personnel pool of around 130 employees.

Fontaine explained to GigaOm, “We have to become more lean and transition the business into what it’s really good at. That is, the friendship features inside Habbo and the moderation features for keeping it safe.”




    Have any VG247 users actually used this?

    I remember back in about 2004, someone showing me their room/house that they’d spent about £20 ‘furnishing’ with stuff like a £1 bedside lamp.

    Now, I’m not really one to talk with all the money I’ve spent on my XBL avatar, but surely buying pixels only has so much legs.

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