GameStop Q2 digital sales improve by 27%

Thursday, 16 August 2012 17:08 GMT By Nick Akerman

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GameStop has posted its Q2 sales and earnings for the period ending July 28, revealing an increase in the business’ digital sector of 27% with $134 million in revenue.

GameStop’s Other category, which includes its digital business, saw sales rise 40.6% during the quarter to $330.8 million. Mobile sales are on track to reach the forecast of $150-200 million for the fiscal year.

The firm’s pre-owned side outperformed its new product business, but decreased 11.2% to $562.2 million.

Overall, GameStop’s global sales for the period hit $1.55 billion, down 11.1% from the $1.74 billion total from this period in 2011.