WWE ’13 interview: THQ gets ready to lay the smackdown

Friday, 10 August 2012 08:27 GMT By Dave Cook

WWE ’13 is back for another year of brawling and testosterone. Dave Cook asks THQ’s Corey Ledesma about what’s new this year, and why this could be the greatest entry yet.

WWE 13 – Yuke’s

The WWE series is developed by Yuke’s, an Osakan studio which also produced THQ’s UFC games.

WWE 12 was the lowest-rated entry the team has developed to dat, with a metacritic in the low 70′s. All previous titles have scored above 75, with most in or approaching the 80′s.

Yuke’s was founded in 1993 and has turned its hand to multiple genres, notably racing, but in recent years has settled firmly on licensed sports sims.

Despite THQ’s strong Wii U development push, WWE 13 is coming to PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360, with no portable incarnations.

Like any yearly sporting franchise, WWE ’13 needs new changes to keep wrestling’s faithful coming back for more, and this year there is a much to discuss.

New physics, overhauled modes and some big name cameos are just part of what could make this year’s entry a real show-stopper, not to mention tackling one of the most exciting eras in the show’s history: ‘Attitude’.

But WWE is also a series that has swung between outstanding and average over the years, yet THQ shows real confidence that the days of inconsistency are firmly behind them. Read on to find out why.

VG247: WWE ’13 launches in November. What’s the feeling among the team? How confident are you that this is the best entry you’ve produced?

Corey Ledesma: We’re feeling great to be honest, we’re feeling really good. I think I mentioned this before, but I don’t know where I mentioned it exactly: When it comes to the single player campaign ‘Attitude’, I think it’s by far our strongest single-player campaign that we’ve had in the franchise before.

I’m really excited about it, probably because it’s about reliving that era, which was one of the most popular eras in all of wrestling history. There is so much great content and stories to be told there that haven’t been told for the last 15 years, and so on the single player campaign front I’m extremely excited.

I think fans – obviously, are already showing their excitement when they heard the news about it – but they’re going to be really stoked to be able to play that in WWE ’13.

And beyond single player?

On the other side of the game, gameplay continues to shine, it looks really strong. We’re able to continue to build on to of our Predator Engine from last year and make that even stronger. So the game is feeling really smooth and fluid and it’s really fun to play.

And so overall, we’re just really excited. I think every year, we think we have a fantastic product on our hand, and we think we outdid ourselves from the previous year. We’ve been able to keep that momentum going, and hopefully we can keep it going way into the future.

It always nice to take a look back and say, ‘wow’ and look back at how far the game has progressed through each year. Overall the sentiment on the team is that everything’s looking great.

That is the challenge isn’t it, especially when you have a yearly cycle? You have done a lot since Yuke’s took over the brand during the PSOne days. What have been the biggest challenges along the way?

I think with most game development, we face problems just like any company We have a large team of well over 150 people working, closer to 200, so having that many people work on one project presents its own challenges, just because there are so many dynamics that come into play.

We have our regular struggles like any other company in that regard, but on the WWE side of things, they are such a great partner in working with us and are really valuable in providing us with input and feedback.

They help us create the WWE videos we have in the game, and they’ve really been a great partner in that regard. The biggest challenge for us is really to keep up with them. Our development lead times are so long it’s hard to be as fluid and agile as WWE is with their television show.

It must be difficult to keep up with all of the storylines that play out each week and to get that into the game?

I think that’s probably the biggest challenge that we face, but the way we supplement that is we try to provide the WWE consumer with tools in the game with which they can keep their game up to date along with the show throughout the year.

WWE 13′s Live Mode is one of its more
interesting innovations.

Things like the Create-a-Superstar, or the Universe mode where they can customise their own WWE experience. WWE just introduced a brand new Raw stage last week which means we have all these new graphics, so to be able to just pump those things out quickly can make it difficult to keep up.

So that’s the challenge, but it’s a challenge we definitely embrace because that’s really what makes WWE so great – the way they keep their product fresh – which is really helpful because that’s the same thing we’re trying to do with our product.

When people will pick up WWE ’13 they’ll feel like it’s an enhanced or different experience than WWE ’12, so WWE’s show really helps us maintain that freshness.

I actually wanted to touch on the Universe mode you mentioned earlier and the way it helps players keep the game fresh. What big changed have you made to Universe this year?

They won’t let me divulge information on WWE Universe mode yet, but we recognise that it’s a super-popular feature and so it’s not receiving any neglect on our end. We’re investing in the WWE Universe mode for the long term, so the only think I can say is that fans can definitely expect a lot of new features in that mode in WWE ’13.

You also mentioned the Predator Engine, which will go hand-in-hand with your new ‘OMG’ moments – the big table falls, chair shots and so on. How players really feel the impact of this while playing?

Our whole vision with spectacular moments is literally trying to recreate those crazy moments that you see on WWE television – really eye-popping, surprising moments that are so great in the show.

In order for us to really recreate that we wanted the visuals to be strong, so when you do see the ring collapse off the Superplex, we wanted all those small visuals to be spot on and top notch so it looked like exactly like you saw on television.

You’ll also see a lot of minor details like the ring shaking, collapsing, the ropes wildly jumping up and down and the referee falling. You’ll see all of that in there because we really wanted fans to almost do a double take when they saw that in the game like, ‘wow, that looks so real, just like I saw on television.’

On top of that we’re really excited about spectacular moments this year because a big part of that is how the crowd responds to those moments. So audio-wise we did this big overhaul this year, and so now we can really pump in that great sound, the crowd volume, and we can get chants going.

“You’ll also see a lot of minor details like the ring shaking, collapsing, the ropes wildly jumping up and down and the referee falling. You’ll see all of that in there because we really wanted fans to almost do a double take when they saw that in the game like, ‘wow, that looks so real, just like I saw on television.’”

How did you achieve this overhaul?

We were able to grab a lot of actual sound including crowd sounds, commentary lines from WWE broadcasts this year, and we were able to apply them to WWE ’13, which really gives it that authentic feel.

I think we felt in past games that maybe the crowd and the commentary weren’t really matching the excitement level of the gameplay. So our goal this year was really to step that up quite a bit, and to match those spectacular moments with that audio so that they go hand-in-hand to recreate the atmosphere of when those moves get pulled off.

One of the big things I wanted to ask you in terms of gameplay was balancing in multiplayer. Obviously this is a tricky thing to achieve in any fighting game, but how do you contend with that when there are so many Create-a-Wrestler combinations in the game?

With multiplayer it’s definitely a challenge to properly balance that aspect of the game, and part of the reason is the sheer volume of variables we have in gameplay. I mean we have over 70-plus characters you can play with, they range across all these different character sizes and stat levels, and so you have to balance those.

But we also have tons and tons of match types in a game – not just one-on-on matches – but we have up to six players in the ring, so balancing that can be very difficult. So we try to take individual match types and put them together in specific buckets so we can balance them differently.

What I mean by that is, in multiplayer matches with three or four, up to six players, those matches need to lay differently. You need to sustain damage quicker so that players stay down on the mat a little bit longer, because if players are constantly getting up, nothing ever gets accomplished in those matches.

So you can never like, set up the ladder to reach up for the title in ladder matches if everyone is quick to their feet. That would make matches go on for 30 minutes – a really long time.

Balancing in multiplayer is totally different to one-on-one matches because we absolutely do want you to get up on your feet a little faster in the beginning, because we want to keep that fast-paced action going. We want the pacing to be there.

By doing that you can really feel it when your character starts to get tired and slow down as the match goes on.

You’re absolutely right, that’s exactly what we’re trying to accomplish. So if I do a move on you at the start of a match, you’re going to pop right up because you’re fresh and you don’t have a lot of damage yet. But we really want you to notice that you are sustaining damage as your guy starts slowing down a lot.

That’s when the momentum can start to swing one way or another. If I get a few successful runs on you and I start to get your damage levels up, I know you’re going to slow down. As you reach critical damage in certain body parts, that damage actually affects gameplay.

If I get you critical damaged in your legs, you’re not going to be able to run for as long, your walking speed is going to be affected, and if I damage your arms it’s going to make it easier for me to break out of submission moves.

Many of those details are embedded in gameplay and it really allows you to develop strategies of how you’re going to approach targeting your opponent, what their strengths and weaknesses may be, and how critical it is to be the first one to inflict damage on your opponent.

How does all of this factor into Create-a-Superstar and the many combinations you can have?

Well that changes the whole dynamic, because now we allow you to assign any move you could possibly want to your character, which means that the thousands of moves we have in the game all need to be properly balanced and so that’s the tricky part.

That means we have to spend a lot of time going through every single move, trying them out, making sure that they don’t really drastically impact balance, and sometimes the community might sift through the moves and find one that has a small little flaw in it that makes it a little unbalanced.

We use the community to help provide that feedback, so that in the future – whether its through patches or new versions of the game – we can modify those moves and properly balance them.

And that is the beauty of having such an open framework of course: Your ability to patch and update whenever issues arise.

“We have such a die-hard fan base who are dedicated to the WWE franchise and to this game. They spend thousands of hours playing it, and they know best in a lot of regards, because they’re out there playing and seeing exploits or issues, and they’re pretty eager to report them to us because, just like they do, we all want the best game possible. We really value that feedback and we really hold our community in high regard.”

Absolutely, and we have such a die-hard fan base who are dedicated to the WWE franchise and to this game. They spend thousands of hours playing it, and they know best in a lot of regards, because they’re out there playing and seeing exploits or issues, and they’re pretty eager to report them to us because, just like they do, we all want the best game possible.

We really value that feedback and we really hold our community in high regard, because they provide us with such valuable information to make the game better and to feel more polished each year.

That level of interaction with the player is crucial in a game like this and I saw – while playing WWE ’12 last year – so many in-game items created by the community, as well as commenting on items and rating them. Have you taken user-generated content further this year?

That is by far the most popular feature in the game, and what’s so great about being able to share the user-generated content is that it really leverages some of the talented community members we have out there that spend a lot of hours creating that content, and doing a superb job – far better than I could ever do [laughs].

What a great thing to have to be able to simply go on to a database, search for anything you’re looking for, and to just download that into you game. I’ve seen some amazing pieces of content out there, and we just really appreciate our fans for spending that much time.

That really motivates us to offer that sharing experience and to make it better and better each year. It drives us to make the tools and customisation suites much more robust so they can continue to build even more compelling and awesome content.

We look at creation modes like Create-a-Superstar or Create-an-Entrance and find ways that we can continue to help offer new customisation options, so that our community can continue to create.

Hand-in-hand with community goes the social aspects of gaming. What is your approach to social integration this year?

I can’t talk about online and our approach to social aspects this year, but I will say this: I agree with you. When we go online and see WWE trending every other day thanks to the show’s content, it’s truly amazing.

They have such a vocal community and an active community that we really want to tap into, because it’s great to have people talking about the game and talking about their experiences, but also sharing things that they found in the game that maybe other people don’t know about.

We want to develop a tight-knit community that’s all working together to have fun and to make the game better. We absolutely would love to tap into that.

WWE 13: Mike Tyson’s in it.

Mike Tyson’s involvement in WWE ’13 has created a lot of buzz among the community so far, are you able to talk a little more about his involvement?

Absolutely. We’re excited to have Mike Typson on board, he hasn’t been in a videogame for a very long time and what’s really cool is that one – he played such a cool part in the Attitude era of the single player campaign, and that timeframe back then.

He was such a big star at that time – well he still is a big star – but at that time he was around his peak of popularity, and for the WWE to introduce a character like that was a really bold and ambitious statement.

At the same time it’s just cool to introduce a character that’s so different from all the other WWE superstars and divas in the game. He’s a boxer, so he’s got a really cool move set of haymakers and hooks and punches that really sets him apart. He’s really fun to play.

Can you tell us about other storylines from the Attitude era that are in the campaign?

The only thing I can mention right now is that Stone Cold Steve Austin is a major focal point of that experience, because he was by far the most popular character at that time. He really helped the WWE push past the WCW in that regard.

We’re covering a period in time when the WWE was really down in the dumps, close to bankruptcy, ratings weren’t so hot and they really had to push past WCW by introducing some interesting characters, and doing some really edgy storylines that pushed the envelope on their side.

As we get closer to launch we’ll start to detail what the dates in those time periods are, and the superstars you’ll be able to play in that mode.

How did the superstars help you get a feel for the vibe during those tough times, and to really nail the stories?

We worked really close with the talent, they provided voiceover work for us and we really wanted them to give an authentic spin on whatever they were feeling back then. So we allowed them to ad lib or to feel free to offer feedback or advice on their character or their story at those times.

So’s Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Often they’re so willing to support us with that, and they understand how important the Attitude era is to the game and to wrestling in general. So they’ve been a big help to us in trying to make the experience feel authentic.

Recently I had a chance to speak with Mark Henry about what it was like back then, about his character and just what the feeling was in the locker room. So its really great to spend time with these guys and find out the insider information that helps us recreate that era.

Has anything mad or funny ever happened to you while working with one of the guys in the studio?

Umm [laughs]. I don’t know. I think if you know much about wrestling, a lot of these guys are good pranksters, they like to tease you a bit and keep you on your toes. I constantly get some ribbing about the character stats and so forth.

Mark Henry was coming across really intimidating about his character’s strength stat and he really wanted us to bump that up. Sat face to face with him, you pretty much agree to whatever he says [laughs].

So for the most part, there are no crazy stories. They’re really just truly professional athletes and they like to have a good time just like anyone else does, and I like to see that as they show the human side of their character.

It really is a pleasure working with them, and they really understand that having fun doing what you do is really important and that being in videogames is a fun part of the job that they do.

When we see the excitement on their faces at seeing their in-game character for the first time, that really encourages us to make the best game we can.

WWE 13 arrives on PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 on October 30 in the US and November 1 in Europe.


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    A member of the Disney Infinity fan forum has spotted mention of a third game on Chinese retailer Taobao’s website. Infinity Inquirer posted the rumour earlier today, but was contacted by Disney Interactive and asked to take the post down. Disney Infinity 3.0′s line-up apparently consists of 11 characters, including those from Pixar’s Inside Out, […]

  • 22 Cans’ Godus co-creator leaves to work on Indie project

    Jack Attridge left 22 Cans last week for greener pastures, but has made it clear his departure has nothing to do with the rocky few months the studio faced after experiencing some problems with Godus. Speaking to The Guardian , Attridge said : “It was January that I said to Peter I was looking to […]

  • The Order: 1886 character models can now be viewed in all of their naked glory

    Ready at Dawn’s Adam Skutt – character lead for The Order: 1886 – has created a thread over at zbrushcentral to showcase the gloriously detailed character models from the game, including a refreshing number of todgers. The gallery is stunning, and also features weapon models and uniform detailing. Admittedly it’s slightly NSFW with the amount […]

  • New high-res Star Ocean 5 screenshots are all splendid all the time

    Square Enix has given Famitsu a pretty extensive preview of Start Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, including high-res screenshots and a ton of details on the characters and combat system. Gematsu has translated the piece to reveal the character backgrounds, more info on the world in which the game takes place, and an insight into […]

  • With new Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, is Activision ushering back a golden era of games?

    Guitar Hero. Tony Hawk. Is Activision leading us back to the good old days, the bad old days – or into the future? View image | When Activision speaks, people listen, and when Activision shows its hand, people rush to peer at the cards. This year, for some reason, all those cards point to […]

  • Final Fantasy 10/10-2 Return to Spira trailer features giant whale, shiny visuals

    Ready to head back to Spira on PS4? You will be after watching this. Square’s released a new trailer for the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X/X-2, and it looks amazing. Dust off your blitzball and take a gander. It hits PS4 on May 15.

  • Xbox One May update now in beta, multitasking and voice messaging incoming

    The latest Xbox One update’s gone into beta testing. The beta for the Xbox One’s May system software update has arrived. As well as fixing a couple of issues, you can now multitask and leave voice messages while in a party. Find an existing preview member if you want to take a look. Swear them […]

  • How do GTA 5 PC’s normal settings stack up to ultra? Like this

    YouTuber wiliextreme has just uploaded a video comparing GTAV PC graphics settings, ranging from normal to very high. Take a look at the window reflections at the 2.30 mark to see just what a difference there is between the three settings showcased. GTA 5 released for PC last week. Be sure to check Matt’s impressions, […]

  • Star Wars Battlefront is 60 FPS, splitscreen not available for all modes

    Star Wars Battlefront has some good news and some bad news for you. Lots of Star Wars Battlefront information has been trickling out over the weekend, thanks both to press previews and DICE staff cheerfully tweeting answers to fan questions. As part of this bounty, we received some welcome news; Battlefront design director Niklas Fegraeus […]

  • This is what time The Witcher 3 will go live globally

    The Witcher 3 will be available simultaneously around the world. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pre-loads are now available, so naturally you want to know what time you can actually start playing. The good news is all platforms and all regions will unlock at exactly the same time, so as long as you’ve downloaded and […]

  • Star Wars Battlefront playable solo with bots

    Star Wars Battlefront players who can’t or won’t play with others can always team up with and against AI. Star Wars Battlefront will support AI bots for those who want to play alone, DICE has confirmed. According to design director Niklas Fegraeus, bots will be available both on and offline. We have a feature called […]

  • Free Helldivers update coming soon

    Helldivers developer Arrowhead Games has begun teasing a free update. The Helldivers teaser below is called “Turning up the Heat”, which seems to be the name of the update. It doesn’t tell us very much otherwise, but I’m sure fans can figure out some of the details from watching the gameplay. The update is “coming […]

  • Borderlands creator farewells Gearbox

    Borderlands creator Matt Armstrong has announced his departure from developer Gearbox Software. Borderlands was Armstrong’s baby; he created the franchise and wrote the first game. the franchise has gone on to great success, but nevertheless Armstrong is moving on. He announced his departure from Gearbox on Twitter, sounding quite cheerful about it. Things changed. No longer […]

  • Sony Pictures has been working to secure the Smash Bros. rights – report

    Super Smash Bros. might be a Nintendo flagship, but it’s Sony’s movie business that wants to bring it to the big screen. A Super Smash Bros. movie is referenced several times in documents published by Wikileaks following the huge Sony Pictures leak. ArsTechnica dug out these interesting snippets, discovering that Sony made a “full court […]

  • Life is Strange Episode 3 coming next month

    Life is Strange Episode 3 will arrive as expected next month. Life is Strange developer Dontnod confirmed on Twitter that the third episode is on track for a May release. It's great to hear so many of you are excited for Episode 3 which will be released in May! (official date TBA) — Life […]

  • Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness – details on story and setting emerge

    Information pertaining to the story and setting in Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness has been detailed by Famitsu. According to what Siliconera reports, several centuries after leaving Earth, humans have created the “Galactic Federation” in order to maintain unified order and peace after years and years of war. But all is not peaceful, as […]

  • This homebrew app turns your 3DS into a remote desktop – shown running World of Warcraft

    Modders are busy working on a Nintendo 3DS homebrew app which turns the system into a remote desktop. A post on the gbatemp forum (thanks, Eurogamer) shows the app in action running World of Warcraft on a 3DS – although not perfectly. At present, the app has a rather low frame-rate, but development is still […]

  • Release dates for three Hyperdimension Neptunia games announced

    Hyperdimension Neptunia fans will be pleased to know three games in the franchise have release dates for Steam and Vita. Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed, which was announced for western audiences last year, will arrive on PS Vita will be released digitally and and at retail in North America on May 19 and in Europe […]

  • Mass Effect 4 survey contains info on crafting, exploration, a Horde Mode more – RUMOR

    Remember when a Dragon Age: Inquisition survey popped up and outed possible content for the title? It’s happened again and this time it’s for the next Mass Effect game. Note: take the information contained herein with a grain of salt. Surveys, if this one is legit, are usually sent out to test ideas and aren’t […]

  • GTA 5 PC: modders poking around the files find Army Cavalcade, Feroci and SuperGT textures

    More GTA 5 information has been posted by modders poking around in the files of the PC version. This time, instead of zombies and horses, textures for the Army Cavalcade, Feroci and SuperGT vehicles have been found. New leaked vehicles Barbarian, Detonator and Tampa are also mentioned in the thread. A screencap of the files […]

  • Sony leaks: Uncharted movie similar to National Treasure but more “intense” and not as “silly”

    Sony Pictures wants the Uncharted film to be similar in tone to the National Treasure franchise, but not as soft or silly, and with deeper romantic storyline than the Nicolas Cage films. The information on the upcoming film was pulled from emails and database files derived from the Sony Pictures hack last year by North […]

  • Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t just a “big-budget Battlefield mod,” says DICE

    DICE boss Patrick Bach has promised Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t just a “big-budget Battlefield mod,” as the game carries the Battlefront title for a reason. Speaking with Eurogamer during Day 2 of the Star Wars Celebration yesterday, Bach said the team stayed true to the “core ethos” of the Battlefront series by adhering to what […]

  • New Steam policy restricts accounts to protect users from phishing scams and spam

    Valve has implemented a new policy on Steam which limits user accounts which have spent less than $5 through the store. The new policy is to protect users from phishing scams and spam. If the users hasn’t spent anything on the store, they at least have to have $5 sitting in their Steam Wallet. This […]

  • Latest Flash Sale on the US PlayStation Store discounts action games and movies

    Sony is hosting another Flash Sale on the North American store with plenty of action games, and some films, to help get your weekend started. The list is super long, so here’s a few highlights: Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Bayonetta Beyond Good & Evil HD Castlevania: Harmony of Despair […]

  • A new expansion for Postal 2 called Paradise Lost was released today

    It appears Postal 2 has a new add-on available. No, it’s not for the 2003 version, but the Complete Edition which was greenlit on Steam 10 years later. Called Paradise Lost, the add-on stars the Dude and contains a new single-player story campaign and new areas featuring free-roam gameplay. The original voice actor for the […]

  • GTA 5 patch 1.01 is now available for PC, fixes launcher and framerate issues

    Rockstar has released patch 1.01 for the PC version of GTA 5 and along with a fix to the character’s facial features changing when transferring to PC, the launcher will no longer drain your CPU and crash. Here are the full patch notes: Fixed an issue where the GTAV Launcher would use an abnormally high […]

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 will arrive on the PS Store for PS4 in May

    Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be released on PlayStation 4 in May, Capcom has announced. All characters, levels and previous DLC will be included in the PS4 version, including a fix to input lag found in the PS3 version’s controls. The fighting game will be released digitally on the PS Store May 26 for $24.99 […]

  • Upcoming Dark Souls 2 patch to fix weapon degradation glitch

    Weapon degradation wan’t an intentional feature in Dark Souls 2, and now that it has carried over into Scholar of the First Sin, the glitch will be patched out in an upcoming update. The glitch also affected the framerate of Dark Souls 2 on PC, and on all platforms with Scholar of the First Sin. […]

  • Star Wars: Battlefront is now available for pre-order on Origin, Amazon, others

    Star Wars: Battlefront is now available for pre-order through EA’s Origin service as well as Amazon and GameStop. Star Wars: Battlefront pre-orders, as previously reported, will include early access to the free Battle of Jakku DLC. The planet is included in the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and finds the New Republic coming […]

  • Star Wars: Battlefront – watch the lovely reveal trailer here

    The first trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront was released today after much anticipation. Watch the lovely game reveal below, all captured on PlayStation 4. The trailer was revealed during an EA panel today at the Star Wars Celebration, and featured Lucasfilm concept artist Doug Chiang, the game’s senior producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, and other members of […]

  • Star Wars: Battlefront has 40-player battles, play as Darth Vader and Boba Fett

    Star Wars: Battlefront will take place during the original film trilogy’s timeline, according to a report from the Associated Press. It appears the information was posted ahead of time, (via Kotaku) as the report is written in past tense. According to the report, players will take part in “frenzied shoot-outs between up to 40 players” […]

  • Microsoft confirms departure of Xbox Europe VP Phil Harrison

    Microsoft has confirmed the departure of Phil Harrison, its corporate VP of Xbox in Europe. According to a statement, Harrison left to pursue interests outside of the company, Xbox boss Phil Spencer told “Following a successful tenure as Corporate Vice President in Xbox in Europe, Phil Harrison has chosen to pursue business interests outside […]

  • Battlefield Hardline Rent-a-Server option coming to both last and current-gen consoles

    Battlefield Hardline players will be able to take part in the Rent-a-Server program, similar to the one in Battlefield 4, when the first patch for the shooter is released. Rental servers will come to both last and current-gen consoles, and CPU issues will be addressed in the patch as well, which PC players will be […]

  • Chip’s Challenge and unreleased sequel Chip’s Challenge 2 arrive on Steam next month

    Chip’s Challenge, the 1989 top-down tile-based puzzler created by Chuck Sommerville, is heading to Steam along with the unreleased sequel Chip’s Challenge 2. After the release of the first game, Sommerville spent two years developing the sequel, only to find the trademark had been sold. The trademark’s new owners wanted him to fund the publishing, […]

  • Pillars of Eternity patch betas hitting Steam, update 1.05 to drop in May

    Patch 1.04 for Pillars of Eternity dropped yesterday, and according to Obsidian Entertainment, players can expect the next round of fixes to arrive in May. According to a post on the Kickstarter page, patch 1.04 contained quite a bit of fixes, and going forward, the team plans to continue squishing bugs, adding additional polish and […]

  • Goat Simulator comes to Xbox platforms

    Goat Simulator continues its plan to dominate all platforms under the sun by releasing on Xbox consoles. Goat Simulator has been released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The store page for the Xbox One version is now live, but the 360 one is lagging behind. Don’t know what this game is or what it’s […]

  • Alienation: first co-op footage revealed

    We have our first look at gameplay footage from Housemarque’s Alienation. Housemarque has finally given us a look at their upcoming shooter project, Alienation. The twin-stick shooter will feature co-op and the new video shows it in action. It’s a short one but still manages to demo several environments. The game was shown off at […]

  • ReShade SweetFX supports GTA 5, user-made presets begin popping up

    GTA 5 modders started making presets for ReShade SweetFX as soon as they realised the tool supports it. To the modding community’s delightful surprise, shader-altering tool ReShade SweetFX was discovered to support GTA 5. What this means is that anyone can download the tool, mess around with the post-processing options, and inject them into GTA […]

  • Project Cars goes gold, full track list revealed

    Project Cars has finally gone gold. Project Cars developer Slightly Mad has announced that the racer has reached gold master milestone. “We know the wait for the game to be released was worth it, as we’re confident the quality and realism level we have achieved will provide our fans with the game they are all […]

  • Dragon Quest Heroes has a stupid subtitle in the West

    The Western release of Dragon Quest Heroes has been given the most absurd subtitle. Square Enix announced a while back that Dragon Quest Heroes will come to North America and Europe this year. Unlike in Japan, it will launch only on PlayStation 4. Earlier today, the Japanese publisher revealed what the game’s logo will look […]

  • Minecraft vulnerability allows users to crash servers remotely [UPDATE]

    A security flaw discovered in Minecraft’s code that could give perpetrators the ability to crash servers remotely has been fixed via a patch by Mojang. Update: Mojang has released an update to Minecraft patch 1.8, listed as version 1.8.4, and it is available now. It fixes reported security issues, in addition to some other minor […]

  • Official Bloodborne merchandise now available, including a limited edition statue

    The PlayStation gear store has added a new section dedicated to Bloodborne merchandise. The first set of items is as good as you’d expect. If you’re a fan of Bloodborne and want to make sure everyone around you knows it, you’ll be happy to know that Sony has added a few pieces of Bloodborne-branded gear […]

  • Destiny Xur update: should you buy The Last Word?

    Xur is selling one of Destiny’s top hand cannons today: The Last Word. Is it worth grinding the coins for? The answer is a resounding YES. The Last Word is one of Destiny’s best Exotics, and one of the best Hand Cannons in the game. Our Destiny expert Alex notes that it’s one of the […]

  • Destiny: Xur location and inventory for April 17, 18 – The Last Word edition

    What did our good buddy Xur bring for us this week? Xur: Agent of the Nine, Destiny’s weekend vendor is back with more Exotic offers. Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons or armour, provided you have the Strange Coins for them. Head over to the lounge in the Tower Hangar, you’ll find […]

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt discounted for Gold members, pre-load now live

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt files are now live on the Xbox Store. Xbox One owners with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pre-orders can start downloading the full game to be ready for launch. The file size was confirmed earlier to be just over 25GB. Those who have yet to pre-order can do so at […]

  • GTA 5 files accessed by modders, reveal horses, zombies, more

    Modders have managed to pry GTA 5′s file lock open and expose many of its interesting innards. GTA community modders have gained access to several of GTA 5′s archives on PC. These files were previously believed to be inaccessible. Popular modding tool OpenIV, which was used in editing files in GTA 4 (hence the name), […]

  • Bethesda’s E3 invite features Dishonored, Doom, Wolfenstein… but no Fallout

    Bethesda is going first at E3 this year with a showcase of games on Sunday night. What clues can we see in the press invite? Skyrim publisher Bethesda has sent out confirmation of its E3 showcase, taking place Sunday June 14. The invite includes a number of Bethesda game characters including Wolfenstein’s BJ Blazcowicz, a […]

  • Here’s Crytek’s VR demo, because dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs! This is precisely what virtual reality is for. VR demos are all over the place and CryEngine developer Crytek has produced one of its own, showing off how the engine is flexible enough t- Look, let me level with you: I don’t care. I only care about dinosaurs. Hush now and watch the dinosaurs. […]

  • StreetPass update adds birthday collecting, VIP Miis and more

    StreetPass collecters should take advantage of an optional update. It’s International StreetPass Week, so now’s the time to break out the 3DS and go hunting. Don’t leave your home network without first checking out a new optional update, though. Kotaku reports the update prompt is available from the leftmost icon in your StreetPass Mii Plaza. […]

  • Massive Uplay sale offers cheap games in time for the weekend

    PC gamers can grab a sweet saving or two in Uplay’s Spring Sale. Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Alien: Isolation are all on sale as part of Uplay’s Spring Sale, among many other titles. The sale offers discounts of up to 85% off digital […]