Hitman: Absolution video shows Agent 47 in hospital shoot-out

Sunday, 11th December 2011 05:32 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

IO Interactive released a new Hitman: Absolution trailer during the VGAs pre-show, featuring Agent 47 going into a hospital with guns a’ blazing. You can watch all the carnage for yourself below. Hitman is due in 2012 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.



  1. Maximum Payne

    Nothing new was showed.Shame.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. BULArmy

    Absolutely unimpressed. I played all the games, but still Silent Assassin is the best game in the series for me.
    And if we follow the pattern of Hitmen games, one good one bad, it is time for the bad one…

    #2 3 years ago
  3. OrbitMonkey

    “The origional assassin”? Bit of Enzio envy IO? :-D Hope they knock it out the park. Liked the gameplay trailer alot, lets see another one soon, k?

    #3 3 years ago
  4. YoungZer0

    @1: Besides the completely new trailer, you mean?

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Maximum Payne

    @4 But its not like they show gameplay or new mechanic or something this is like teaser trailer but we have already saw that big walktrough…

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Erthazus

    Crap at best.

    this is not Hitman at all. It is bang bang for kids at best.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. Dannybuoy

    Rubbish comment at best

    #7 3 years ago
  8. Mike W

    it wasn’t that bad guys

    #8 3 years ago
  9. McLovin85

    Wow..awful. How is this Hitman?!
    It should be about stealth and only confronting people if you absolutely have to. This might as well be Max Payne the way they are going with this…
    They better start showing off some other trailers focusing on the stealthy nature of the game, blending in, tactics for different ways to kill people etc. otherwise I will have lost all hope for this game.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. back_up

    looks good
    but some stealth gameplay would been awesome

    #10 3 years ago
  11. osric90

    Stealth gameplay will come when new gameplay videos are showed. The purpose of these kind of advertising is getting you hyped. Shooting, amazing graphics and nudity. I couldn’t ask for more… yes, maybe good old stealth, but I’m sure that will come too. Goo look previous Hitman trailers, especially Silent Assassin’s and you’ll see I’m right.

    #11 3 years ago

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