Activision: No CoD Elite beta for PC until autumn

Monday, 18th July 2011 11:28 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Activision social media manager Dan Amrich has said that PC gamers shouldn’t expect the beta for Call of Duty: Elite until autumn at least.

Amrich said on his blog that “PC players will have to wait until the fall to try it out.”

Xbox 360 owners who signed up for the beta can access it now, while PS3 players will get the beta at some point this summer.

The beta currently allows users to try out a portion of the freemium features. The full service, which will include features that requires a premium subscription, will launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 on November 8.



  1. Grimrita

    So glad that Activision are committed to the PC with yet ANOTHER shoddy ported FPS game.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Talkar

    This is going to be released alongisde MW2.0000000001 right? x)

    #2 3 years ago
  3. zhenjian35

    I tide fashion Good-looking, not expensive Free transpor

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Xuchilbara

    Hahahaha, proving once again, that they ditched the crowd that made them… It really doesn’t matter to me, BATTLEFIELD was going to get my money over this any day.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Grimrita

    @4 same, but I still need to make sure that BF3 isnt as shoddy as BC2 is in terms of bugs and annoying hit boxes. I havent touched a single CoD since they focused on porting it to PC but Bad Company 2, felt like a shoddy port itself.

    If BF3 fails, then I wont be buying it.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. DSB

    I don’t see a big difference between console era CoD and PC era CoD. It was always a very simple game, and Treyarch are seemingly in charge of releasing the terrible PC builds, even while they concede to the whiners on the serverbrowser.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. Xuchilbara

    @5 – BF3 will be nothing like BC2, they have already stated that it is going back to the original BF roots.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. DSB

    @7 Which sounds lovely, but then why does it look so much like BC2?

    They’re pretty much going in both ways according to what they’re releasing right now. On the one hand they want things like suppression, and on the other they want more simplified game modes, borrowed from other games.

    I guess that leaves the benefit of the doubt, but they’re still going to have to rise above the baggage of BC, BC2 and MoHs multiplayer.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. Grimrita

    @7 DICE fed us all crap over BC2 and frankly, I dont believe a word they say until I get my hands on beta to see if all the shit from BC2 has been removed.

    I did enjoy BC2s gameplay online but essentially it was left in a mess with the bugs/lazy developing.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. UKTomm

    @6 Even though Treyarch may release not-so-great PC versions (I’ve never had an issue), the point is that they still make the effort to support the PC community and give us what we want which is why I still respect them. Server browser, dedicated servers, mod tools – We’ve had them all.

    #10 3 years ago
  11. DSB

    @10 And yet PC players still prefer MW2. No browsers, no dedicated servers, no mod tools.

    That says a lot about the people launching these kinds of campaigns online.

    #11 3 years ago

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