Store Wars: GamersGate says GameStop struggling to “not be the next Blockbuster”

Wednesday, 6th April 2011 07:24 GMT By Nathan Grayson

After giving Steam a nice, blunt talking-to, GamersGate has unchained its tongue for another round. The target this time? GameStop, the proud new owner of Impulse and Spawn Labs. Perhaps, however, it shouldn’t be quite so proud.

“GameStop has been struggling to redefine the company,” said GamersGate CEO Theo Bergquist in an op-ed published on IndustryGamers. “While it is still the dominant force in traditional video-game retail, the firm is certainly aware of the trend away from OEM purchases for console games.”

“As GameStop puts it in their press release, ‘GameStop doesn’t care how you get your games; it just wants to be the company that gets them to you’, or to paraphrase ‘we will do whatever we can to not be the next Blockbuster.’”

Bergquist went on to laud GameStop for finally stepping up its digital game, but he questioned the purchase of Impulse specifically, calling it “Steam’s lesser talented stepchild.”

“While almost definitely purchased at a bargain, the question is whether or not Impulse was the right company to acquire to be the foundation of GameStop’s digital business. With a negligible following, it is clear GameStop purchased Impulse for its’ technology. The intelligence of this acquisition rests on how easily and quickly GameStop will be able to integrate Impulse into its existing operations,” he explained.

He ended, however, on a positive note, saying that the digital space is in for a shake-up regardless of whether GameStop’s playing the industry like a fiddle or just flailing on the strings. So then, everyone, pop some popcorn and – if you want to over-commit – throw on a pair of 3D glasses. You thought the adrenaline-pumping activity that is shopping couldn’t get any more exciting? Well, you might want to sit down. (No, seriously. That’s pretty much all you need to do here.)



  1. Schindet Nemo

    Why are PR folk constantly trash talking their competition lately? David
    Cage, the guys at DICE, Pachter they all seem like paid trolls.

    I mean I agree with Bergquist about Impulse being “Steam’s lesser talented stepchild”, but I expect someone who gets paid to convey a message be less blunt and more polite.

    This trend kinda explains why back_up isn’t posting anymore – he was most likely hired as a PR spokesperson for Sony

    #1 4 years ago
  2. DeathJynx

    @1 classy how you complain about corporate trolls, and then sneak a little troll comment in in there at the end. As if sony would waste a penny on this stupid site.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Schindet Nemo


    You seem to have misunderstood me. The comment was against PR folk (and back_up) not against sony (I’m a PS3 gamer myself). I am very aware that Sony would never hire a kid with too much free time.

    Back_up was a pro sony troll in case you can’t remember. He was constantly shit talking Microsoft and Nintendo.
    My point was that I’ve always found his comments absurdly extreme and obnoxious and that aperantly modern day PR isn’t much different.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. Uncontested

    This shitty ass company sure talks a lot of smack for having their own negligible consumer base.

    #4 4 years ago

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