Half an hour of Dissidia 012 [duodecim] gameplay footage

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 21:45 GMT By Brenna Hillier

If you just can’t wait to utterly fanboy out, you can watch over thirty minutes of gameplay footage for the Final Fantasy crossover brawler sequel, Dissidia 012 [duodecim].

RPGSite has used its twin powers of Japanese site navigation and video snatching to bring you ten match-ups from the game’s website.

The pairings are Yuna vs Jecht (FFX); Laguna vs Ultimecia (FFVIII); Bartz vs Gilgamesh (FFV); Kain vs Golbez (FFIV); Tifa vs Sephiroth (FFVII); Lightning vs Garland (FFXIII, FFVI); Prishe vs Cloud of Darkness (FFXI); Vaan vs Gabranth (FFXII); Firion vs The Emperor (FFII) and Zidane vs Kuja (FFIX).

Hit the link above to see all the action yourself; try not to nosebleed all over the keyboard.

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] releases on PSP in late March.