Champions Online numbers surge with free-to-play revolution

Thursday, 17th February 2011 21:34 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Champions Online has joined the ranks of the free-to-play success stories, with Atari claiming numbers have grown by 1,000 percent since dropping a subscription model.

In a press release Atari said the Cryptic-developed MMO had grown in “online concurrent user, unique login and revenue totals by over 1,000 percent”.

To celebrate, all players can access a free XP boost by visiting the bonus tab in the C-Store, in-game or through the web portal.

Lord of the Rings Online has reported a tripling of revenue since its own shift to free-to-play, while Turbine’s other major MMO, Dungeons and Dragons, has seen similar success since its own conversion in 2009.

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  1. TheWulf

    Not a surprise as Champions Online is a great game.

    There’s a massive amount of players flooding in – not only those who’re trying it out new, but those who tried DC Universe Online and returned, and those who’ve tried both, compared, and chose Champions Online as the visibly superior game.

    Yahtzee’s review pretty much sums up what I said about it – WoW with button-bashing, essentially. No tactics or situational awareness required. Just sit there and mash those buttons!

    Really, I think that a lot of how many people are heading to Champions Online now is in no small part due to how much of an incredible flop DC Universe Online has been.

    And this is all great for Cryptic, of course!

    #1 4 years ago
  2. smitt1

    DCUO is far from a flop LOL Sharing your opinion is one thing but screaming doom with no clear evidence to support it makes your statements look unintelligent.

    To the contrary however, DCUO is still in the top 5 selling games list of every retailer that posts those numbers. That is something that CO never achieved. The server I’m on is full of people during peak times and we see new players come all the time.

    DCUO is an amazing game in my opinion with very rich storytelling. Fully voiced iconic DC characters. A combat system that is very tactical and fun. I love the action game feel of the combos and the strategy involved in choosing your loadout. The two games aren’t even in the same league with each other. DCUO is a triple A title and has the sales to back it up. CO is, imo, boring, ugly, same old mmo content, and did I say boring? Even with a 1000 percent increase in players CO will never be a AAA title. The whole pay to win model they have went to shows that.

    The only thing that CO has going for it was customization but even that is all frontloaded at creation. Alot of the art isnt worth looking at anyways. DCUO at endgame has a much wider variety of styles that you can obtain and I prefer the create your look as you develop your character method as opposed to CO’s.

    #2 4 years ago

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