Dance Central survey shows possible changes and inclusions for sequel

Tuesday, 8th February 2011 14:26 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

A survey has suggested that Harmonix is testing the waters to find out what people would want in Dance Central 2, a game the firm said was in “pre-production” back in November.

According to the survey, Dance Central 2 would possibly include online store, more customization options for characters, and extra practice options – a lot like Rock Band.

There’s even a possible karaoke mode listed, which would allow folks to sing and dance at the same time, as well as online play over Xbox Live.

Here’s the list of items asked about in the survey, courtesy of Kotaku.

Custom Dances

  • Individual move practice
  • Repeat recap sequences
  • Individual recap sequences
  • Improved feedback
  • Performance comparison

Difficulty Settings

  • Easy song inclusion
  • Loose filters mode

Lyrics: On-screen lyrics

On-line Store

  • Dance Central Store
  • Voice control

Dancer Character Customization

  • Build your own dancer
  • Customize your dancer

Importing Songs

  • Song merging
  • Stop motion


  • Video freestyle
  • Non-photographic freestyle
  • Copy-me freestyle
  • Graphical freestyle
  • No freestyle

Photo Sharing

  • Exporting pictures
  • Exporting videos
  • Social Network picture sharing


  • Social network score sharing
  • In-game challenges
  • Downloadable content (DLC) challenges

Game Modes

  • Campaign mode
  • Fitness mode
  • Party mode


  • 2 player
  • 2 player over Xbox Live Avatar
  • 2 player over Xbox Live Silhouettes
  • Background dancing



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    Sounds good to me. Just add a DJ controller in the mix and it’s a perfect party kit. :)

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