Sega potentially teases Valkyria Chronicles III, VCII reviews rounded-up

Wednesday, 1 September 2010 12:35 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Oh boy.

Sega’s opened up a teaser site for something which looks a lot like Valkyria Chronicles III. The site has something “not to be opened till 9.16”.

Funnily enough, that just so happens to be the first day of Tokyo Game Show. Who would have thunk it.

It was discovered last week the publisher had registered the URL “valkyria3”.

We’ll email Sega on it, but we really do hope this is a real thing: the original VC on PS3, which introduced a combined mix of strategy and real-time combat, was an amazing game.

And it just so happens Valkyria Chronicles II releases in the west this week. So far, consensus seems to be, “Buy me, please.”

Round-up of the reviews for is below:

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Valkyria Chronicles II releases on Friday in the UK on UMD for PSP, and is out now in the US.