Report: “Xbox 360 and PS3 price cuts this year”

Tuesday, 11th May 2010 12:44 GMT By Patrick Garratt


MCV’s reporting word from a “senior global publishing source” that both 360 and PS3 will see further price cuts this year.

The moves could be announced as soon as E3, says the piece.

The site’s speculate that Nintendo may also drop the price of Wii this year. When contacted, Sony “laughed off” the story, while Nintendo said, “We currently have no plans to cut the price of Wii in the UK.”

Sony dropped the price of PS3 at gamescom last year. MCV’s saying the “likelihood” is that Sony will bring the console down to £200 at the entry level.

A cheaper 360 is expected to compliment the launch of Natal, now confirmed for October.



  1. Erthazus

    Probably true. Sony just want to sell Move and will make a bundle with a 299£ and Microsoft probably with Natal will do that too.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Blerk

    I can’t help but think £299 bundles are unpalatable even if they come with the new controllers. If they truly want people to adopt then they’ll need to get them much closer to £199.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Zarckan

    can I join the “State the fucking obvious” bandwagon?!

    I think PS3 will drop to £179 ish. or £199 with Move Bundle, and Move will cost say £47.99 and come with both parts of the controller, an PSeye and a game.

    Sorted ;)

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Happy Hardon Harry

    £200? The PS3 needs to be closer to £169.99. I can think of better things to spend £200 on, rather than a PS3.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. Patrick Garratt

    I’d take note of @3, if I were you.

    #5 5 years ago
  6. daytripper

    when is dreamcast 2 coming out

    #6 5 years ago
  7. humanfish

    If Zarckan is right then Pat, as you suggest, that’s an ab-so-fucking-lutely huge bargain. On all three examples. If Move sells for under 50 quid with the Eye and a Game I am there day one.

    #7 5 years ago
  8. sennasnit

    You’ll be behind me in the queue humanfish.

    #8 5 years ago
  9. mington

    I couldn’t give a rats fart as i’m about to win a alan wake xbox sorry duder

    #9 5 years ago
  10. OlderGamer

    To be honest this gen hasn’t gotten into cutting price. Instead they include more “value” in the box. Bigger HDDs, an extra controler, a game or two. But the price has been very slow to drop.

    I would be suprised if either MS or Sony dropped below 249usd. I figure they will both stay at 249, but each will include their respective Move/Natal.

    They might drop a bare bones core system to 179usd, but I don’t think so.

    If anyone needs a price drop its Nintendo the Wii should be 140usd.

    And of course the equivilents for other regions as well.

    #10 5 years ago
  11. Blerk

    The 360 Arcade is already $199 with two games, OlderGamer.

    #11 5 years ago
  12. OlderGamer

    Right, and thats my point Blerk. Instead of lowering the price, they added more value to the same price point. Its cheaper for them to do that. I don’t think that said Arcade system drop much in price. Instead the arcade system might now include a 20G hdd.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. OlderGamer

    It does seem to me that because this gen has already been around for awhile, and because it doesn’t have a projected end in sight, it would make sense to lower the price of these systems to that magical impulse buying price point.

    But I wonder how much the systems still cost to make and how type of leader each manufacture looses on each one.

    if any of these system could get to 99usd(core system) in the next year, that would be an incredable thing for game sales and industry growth. I just don’t think the systems can get much lower right now.

    #13 5 years ago
  14. reask

    I disagree with your more value in box comment OG.
    I traded in my 3 year old 360 against the arcade December.
    When I went to set it up the new lead had no din input on it.
    I phoned shop and was told I would have to get it separate.
    Needless to say I went back to shop and got my old lead off them.
    I also felt the disc tray felt very flimsy compared to my old one.
    My old 360 was broke btw.

    #14 5 years ago
  15. OlderGamer

    Yea I should have clearified I guess reask. I didn’t mean quality, just “precieved value”.

    MS/Sony/Nintendo are all going to look for ways to cut corners cost wise. And these systems are made in chinesse style sweat shops anyways.

    It would be like Sony adding in packed in games while at the sametime removing hardware Backwards Compatibility. Most gamers will just see the pack in games and think “wow”.

    I was just thinking that instead of out and out price drops, MS/Sony will just try and make it seem like their system has more “value” to the consumer.

    The Wii may very well drop its price. I can see a 149usd Wii by fall.

    But MS/Sony won’t drop their prices much, maybe a small price drop. Maybe. Instead we will see Move and Natal included in the box.

    Just my two cents ;)

    #15 5 years ago
  16. Blerk

    I think we absolutely will see both Move and Natal included in the boxes. I also suspect that the ‘dropped’ prices will be for the SKUs without the extra controllers and will only last for as long as the old stock does. It’s in both Sony and Microsoft’s best interests to get the new kit into as many homes as possible, so increasing the price of entry doesn’t seem to sit comfortably with that ideal.

    #16 5 years ago
  17. The Hindle

    Realistically how can Microsoft drop the price of the 360 anymore then they already have, its like £150 in the UK as it is. I dont know how much exactly it is now thats just a guess. The Ps3 is still quite a lot more then the 360 so i can see how they could drop that again.

    #17 5 years ago
  18. Blerk

    Well, apparently they’re making a profit on the 360 hardware now. And with a slim revision potentially saving them even more cash, perhaps they could afford to shave a few extra quid off. The Arcade had gone down as far as £130, remember – it went back up to £150 when the arse fell out of the economy.

    #18 5 years ago
  19. The Hindle

    I see, if they do drop it again this year i see them talking about thier next console very soon maybe as soon as next E3.

    #19 5 years ago
  20. theevilaires

    I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Standing in the middle of a cluster fuck ready to give that cashier my $600+tax. Now 4 years later we could be looking at a $250 PS3 minus PS2 backward compatibility, two less usb ports, and no built in card readers with crome on top :(

    #20 5 years ago
  21. Blerk

    At least you’ve still got Linux.


    #21 5 years ago
  22. theevilaires

    Actually I do. I haven’t updated my 20GB PS3 so yea I can still run Linux. My “ORIGINAL” :D 60GB has been getting all the love lately.

    #22 5 years ago
  23. OlderGamer

    How soon do you think one of the big boys will anounce their next system?

    Sometimes I think it be soon, and sometimes I think years.

    Nintendo or MS first?

    I don’t think Sony is interested in a new gen at this point. I think they are gainging ground and looking forward I think they can out distance MS.

    #23 5 years ago
  24. Aimless

    Being first to market was a huge boon to Microsoft with the 360, so I would imagine they’d be looking to make a repeat performance. On the other hand Sony are a pretty different company to the one that conceived the PS3, and if they remained level-headed enough to come out a bit later than Microsoft’s next venture with a machine that will comfortably have the edge with all multi-format releases — like how it’s usually a safer bet to get the 360 version of a game these days — rather than have a reactionary rush to market I could see the next generation playing out very differently.

    Of course everything’s a bit up in the air since the success of the Wii. It’s hard to say what any of the big three will do next.

    #24 5 years ago
  25. OlderGamer

    I also wonder what if any impact cloud gaming will have on the next gen.

    #25 5 years ago
  26. Aimless

    That sort of tech just doesn’t seem viable to me, at least not for the foreseeable future. When you consider that around half the 360s sold aren’t connected to the internet, plus the limitations of bandwidth caps and traffic shaping — it is not uncommon in the UK for broadband packages to come with a measly 15GB monthly useage — it seems a lot more like another option rather than an all-in-one solution.

    #26 5 years ago

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