October NPD – US sales down 19% year-on-year

Thursday, 12th November 2009 23:45 GMT By Patrick Garratt


America’s games trade has seen yet another woeful monthly year-on-year comparison, with overall sales down 19 percent in October next to the same period in 2008.

Total sales fell from $1.32 billion last year to $1.07 billion this year.

Hardware sales were down 23 percent, from $496.96 million in 2008 to $380.74 last month. Not so good.

Software fared better, but will still cause winces: game sales were down 18 percent from $698.35 million to $572.73 million.

Peripherals held up. Hooah. Plastic sales dropped only 2 percent, from $120.95 last year to $118.88 in 2009.

NPD analyst Anita Frazier kept a lid on it, however, pointing out that full-year revenues are likely to be flat.

“The video games industry suffered another decline this month as compared to last October. This is the third best October on record, behind October 2007 and October 2008,” she said.

“Based on typical industry seasonality, the industry is on track to generate full-year revenues in the range of $20-$21 billion in the US, which would put it just a bit below last year’s sales of $21.3 billion.”



  1. Khanivor

    The recent ‘falls’ remind me of all the reports about the ‘largest drop in the stock market in history’ when a year before it was all about ‘the highest stock market numbers in history’. Well duh. If your building is only two stories in height then a two story building burning down is not newsworthy. If your building is an unprecedented 200 stories tall then a fire which claims 50 floors is a lot of floors, but not a destroyed building but it makes for frothy copy.

    Wasn’t last year far and away the most revenue-ladden period in history? So a fall of a few percent here and a few more there doesn’t mean the market is tanking, it means it is readjusting to sane levels. Considering the state of the economy, I’m sure some clever adjusting would show that there’s barely been any fall, if at all.

    Roughly 100% more people without jobs then this time last year and yet revenue dips by single digits. Whoooo. If the markets weren’t based on the insane notion of never-ending growth would there by anything to talk about?

    #1 5 years ago
  2. fof

    أقول يا رعي الونيت أقول لايكثر من هرجك

    #2 5 years ago
  3. fof

    راعي = رعي

    #3 5 years ago

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