Expect DJ Hero to have “slower” initial sales, says Huang

Saturday, 24th October 2009 18:17 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Guitar Hero co-founder Kai Huang, speaking recently on a panel at the PLAY Digital Media Conference in Berkeley, has said that Activision is not expecting DJ Hero to show blockbuster sales straight off the bat.

“We’re not expecting a typical videogame curve where you sell the majority of the units in the first month and then it decays quickly,” Huang said.

“We’re expecting this to be the type of game that may came out of the gate a little bit slower, but continue to grow over time.”

He added: “We’ve got a bit of a head start, people have an understanding what music games are, it has the ‘Hero’ brand on it. But at the same time, people don’t know what a DJ game is, they don’t know what you’re supposed to do. Our strategy again is to focus on in-store demos.

“If you look at Guitar Hero 3, which to date has been the most successful Guitar Hero game to date selling 12 million units, it did take three iterations to get the game out there and for people to know how it works.”

That’s the “DJ HERO SOLD 12 UNITS IN THE US LAST MONTH” headlines headed off, then.

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  1. Phoenixblight

    Rockband 2-1 Hmm I wonder why activsion? Maybe while you are using th same engine atleast EA has a company that is being different and their games are backwards and forwards compatible.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Uncontested

    dj hero.. worst idea since……… guitar hero

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Dralen

    I hope this fails. Then maybe activision will learn.

    #3 5 years ago
  4. pracer

    I think Acti is gonna kill the music genre. Or lest lower it a bit. Too much exposure.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. The_Deleted

    From what I’ve seen of the game in stores it looks frikkin’ awesome. And I’m a total Rivet Neck when it come to music. But DJ Hero looks very interesting. I reckon it’ll be a real word of mouth success.

    #5 5 years ago

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