Reminder: Afrika out in the US today

Tuesday, 6th October 2009 17:05 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Call this a friendly reminder, if you will, as Natsume has announced that Afrika is now available in the US on PS3.

‘Bout damn time, we say.

It has over 70 animals in it with over 100 missions, and if you are in the US and want it, check with your local retailer.


Via Press Release.



  1. Syrok

    I still hope this will come to Europe.

    And Demon’s Soul, too. :(

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Michael O'Connor


    PS3 games don’t have region locking, so you might as well import them. They’d probably be cheaper that way anyway.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Syrok

    Yeah, I know. Trouble is I don’t have credit card and don’t use paypal.
    I do know someone who is going to America soon, so I might ask him to bring back a few goodies. :)

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Bleak Harvest

    Demon’s Souls is #4 on Amazon right now and you remind people about…. Afrika? I think we’re reminded enough by Lenny Henry, thank you very much.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. theevilaires

    great news

    #5 5 years ago
  6. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    This game looks like crap. IGN gave it a 3.5/10.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. Stephany Nunneley

    Who’s Lenny Henry Bleak? (had to google him) The Demons’ Souls thing – thanks for the reminder – every time I learn something new, it pushes something old out of my brain ;-)

    #7 5 years ago
  8. No_PUDding

    I know who Lenny Henry is, but I don’t understand the Afrika reference.

    When I was YOUNGER. This was funny to me. Weird how he’s not funny at all.

    #8 5 years ago
  9. No_PUDding

    Althoguh… They are AWESOMELY accurate:

    #9 5 years ago
  10. Psychotext

    Probably a comic relief reference.

    #10 5 years ago
  11. No_PUDding


    I like Lenny Henry’s production team. Sucks that the Kellis- Milkshake cover is onyl offscreen.

    #11 5 years ago

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