Halo Legends to be a Spartan affair

Friday, 24 July 2009 08:26 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Gamespot’s posted up details from yesterday’s Halo Legends panel at Comic Con, revealing the multi-part anime as a plot centred aroudn the story of multiple Spartans.

The lot:

  • Legends will explore the stories of many other Spartan soldiers besides Master Chief, including at least one female Spartan.
  • They haven’t finished casting yet, which is why they haven’t talked about actors involved.
  • Sergeant Johnson won’t be featured in any significant way.
  • At least one episode will delve very deeply into the history of the Covenant.
  • A lot of the settings in the anime are directly inspired by the series’ multiplayer maps.
  • The episode by Casio Entertainment will be purely CG rather than hand-drawn.
  • Every episode will be considered canon except for Toei’s, which O’Connor said “are fun” rather than official fiction.

Watch the first trailer here. Announce details here.