ArmA II out June 26 in Europe

Wednesday, 29th April 2009 10:21 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Bohemia’s ArmA II will release for PC in Europe on June 26.

The title is billed as offering the “most realistic warfare ever,” and will go up against Codemasters’ Dragon Rising.

Press release after the break.

Milton Keynes, 29th April 2009 – 505 Games and Bohemia Interactive today confirmed 26th June as the long anticipated European release date for ArmA II. The sequel to Bohemia Interactive’s celebrated military shooter promises to deliver more of the authentic battlefield experience the series is famed for, while developing each area of game play with expansive new features.

Featuring the most realistic warfare ever, ArmA II promises to build on the excellent features that have made Bohemia Interactive a respected name among gamers. Players can expect in-depth team-based combat, a comprehensive playbook of military tactics and an enormous battlefield to push strategy to the limit.

ArmA II benefits from a 3rd generation game engine that has been in constant development for 10 years; no other developer can offer such a great heritage in creating open-world military shooters. The Bohemia engine has been recognised as a benchmark in producing realistic warfare simulations to such an extent that the developer has used its Real Virtuality engine as the basis for training simulators used by armies across the globe, including the United States Marine Corps, UK Ministry of Defence and Australian Defence Force.

This experience is also helping Bohemia Interactive to craft an incredibly detailed storyline, full of political intrigue and plot twists, which blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction. Set in the near future in a fictional post-Soviet country called Chernarus, players take on the role of a United States Marine Corps Force Recon squad, who are called to the country as a peacekeeping force to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure ongoing stability.

“It has been a pleasure building on the success of the first ArmA title,” commented Alex Price, Senior Global Brand Manager, 505 Games. “ArmA has such a vociferous community behind it that we new we had to get this one absolutely right. We are confident that the dedicated fans won’t be disappointed as will as any newcomers to the series.”

ArmA II will be released for 26th June exclusively for PC. For all the latest information please visit



  1. Hunam

    I kept meaning to buy Arma but never got round to it, seems pointless now the second one is on the horizon.

    Did love the original OFP, it basically redenfined hardcore shooter.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. El_MUERkO

    ArmA II looks lovely when not in motion but I’ve read some pretty scathing previews complaining that the world still appears to act like a trampoline for most of the ground vehicles and the animation of people is abysmal. So worryingly it sounds to me like another graphical coat of paint to a core that is still OFP. I’ve preordered it, I’ll get it on release all the same, like I’ve done since I played and fell in love with the demo of OFP but the masses may not be so patient.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. SlayerGT

    Anyone know if ArmAII has Co-op?

    #3 6 years ago
  4. TCEd

    Yes is has Co-op.

    My question and concern is the phase “long anticipated European release date for ArmA II” does this mean that it won’t be released to the rest of us? This is most unsettling to say the least, please tell us their not going to do the same thing as Armed Assault where they only released in Europe, it was several months before US players could even buy the game. If someone from 505 could help us with that info, Arma fans go way beyond Europe only!!!

    #4 6 years ago
  5. SlayerGT

    If it is only a European release and imported, you think the online co-op will still work? I imported SBK08 and its online does not work. Also, is the co-op the same as the single player like OPF:DR? And how many players does it support co-op?

    #5 6 years ago

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