EA looking at Dead Space as future development model

Sunday, 26 October 2008 10:46 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Speaking to Variety, Dead Space exec producer Glen Schofield has said that “everyone” at EA sees the game’s development as the route forward for the firm, with new IP being seen as vehicles for different media genres from the outset.

“People used to think of things like that as a distraction, but I think our game is stronger because of the influence of the comics and the animated movie,” said Schofield.

“Everyone internally is looking at Dead Space as the model now because there’s just so much content that we’ve generated.”

The concept is being called “IP cubed” at the firm, with brand new properties being the way to go, apparently.

“We found a few years ago that we had a set of problems where EA’s reputation became one of just doing sports games, sequels, and licenses and the market was reacting to newer properties like Grand Theft Auto and Halo,” added EA Games president Frank Gibeau.

“At the same time, movie and sports licensors started jacking up their rates and it was becoming less profitable to chase licenses.”

Full thing through the link. Thanks, 1UP.