Google Lively getting a boost from game developers

Wednesday, 17 September 2008 07:25 GMT By Nathan Grayson

Google made a few pebble-sized splashes when it waded into the videogame industry with Lively, but as with anything Google does, it won’t remain obscure for long. At the Austin GDC, the ubiquitous online company announced the next step in its plan to expand Lively: opening the gates to game developers.

For now, Google plans to provide developers with Lively’s API and go from there, but in time, Google creative director Kevin Hanna noted, the hope is that Lively will become “invisible” – like Java, Flash, or HTML.

“Google has already been in 3D world space, if you think of like Google Earth – a tool a lot of us use every day,” he concluded. “Google in 3D space and online space is here to stay as much as any online company.”

Somehow, we doubt that’s very reassuring for those online companies.


By Nathan Grayson