Hickey: “We absolutely believe Activision will take a look at Take-Two”

Friday, 11th July 2008 09:01 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Speaking to The Deal, Janco’s Mike Hickey has predicted that Activision Blizzard will take a look at buying Take-Two, for no better reason that to piss EA off.

“We absolutely believe Activision will take a look at Take-Two,” said the analyst. “If a competitor is for sale, you take a look, and if EA is your real rival, why wouldn’t you stir the pot a little bit?”

UBS’ Ben Schachter, however, isn’t so sure anything could ever happen between Acti-Blizz and the GTA-owner.

“It is highly unlikely that Activision would try to outbid EA,” Schachter said. “They have enough on their plate at the moment.”

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  1. ecu

    I would love it if they bought them.

    #1 7 years ago

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