Jim Rossignol talks gaming travel book

Friday, 13 June 2008 07:23 GMT By Patrick Garratt

RPS co-owner Jim Rossignol done a good interview with Kotaku on his upcoming book, This Gaming Life, which we told you about at the end of April.

“I hope it helps people to figure out what they really think about video games,” Rossignol told the site. “I don’t want to lecture anyone, just offer some descriptions and examples that might be useful in making up your mind. One of the key tensions in the book is whether video games are fundamentally a waste of time, and what that even means. I’d like to think that both people who don’t play games, and the gamers themselves, will find that they’re able to discuss the pros and cons of being a habitual gamer a little more fluently once they’ve read it.”

Jim’s a good egg and a great writer, so do yourself a favour and give him some money. You really may as well.