Véronique Lallier

NCSoft EU boss heads to Warner Bros

NCSoft European head Véronique Lallier has left the company to head to Warner Bros as its VP of digital publishing in its international arm. Lallier became Managing Director in 2009 after joining the company in a marketing role in 2005. The company will now take a “flat management” approach, according to MCV, with Sarah Rogers […]

9 years ago

Véronique Lallier headlines

  • Western Aion activated pre-orders pass 300,000

    NCsoft MMO Aion now has more than 300,000 activated pre-orders ahead of its western launch later this month, Euro MD Véronique Lallier told VG247 yesterday.“Aion’s starting to achieve nice numbers,” said the boss. “We are over 300,000 activated pre-orders in the West.“It’s looking healthy. It’s nice and healthy two weeks before the launch… It looks […]

    11 years ago
  • Lallier - NCsoft's PS3 MOG is no more [Update]

    NCsoft Europe publishing MD Véronique Lallier has confirmed to VG247 that the company’s previously mentioned PS3 MOG has been shelved.“We did an announcement a few years ago about signing a contract with Sony, and actually, to be honest, we didn’t put anything into the market,” she said, speaking at the publisher’s UK, Brighton office yesterday.“We […]

    11 years ago