Windows 9 “Threshold” to be announced during BUILD 2014 in April – rumor

Good news for those who loathe Windows 8: Microsoft is rumored to be making an announcement regarding Windows 9 during BUILD 2014 in April.

7 years ago

Threshold headlines

  • Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone to be united by Threshold - rumour

    Microsoft is said to be planning a system called Threshold to bring together its currently disparate Windows PC, Windows Phone and Xbox One operating systems.

    7 years ago
  • Report: WiiWare devs have to beat sales threshold to get paid

    Acording to this Gamasutra report, WiiWare developers don’t get paid unless they hit a certain sales threshold.From the piece:Multiple sources have indicated to Gamasutra that there is a minimum amount of sales, on a per-territory basis, that WiiWare developers must reach in order to recoup any money at all for their games. It is believed […]

    12 years ago