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Rubber Soul coming to Beatles: Rock Band December 15

MTV Games and Harmonix announced today that Rubber Soul will land on the music store for The Beatles: Rock Band December 15 and 17 for Xbox 360/Wii and PS3, respectively. Drive My Car, I’m Looking Through You and If I Needed Someone are already on the disc, so you can either download the following individually […]

The Beatles headlines

  • The Beatles: Rock Band sells over 1 million units worldwide

    MTV and Harmonix announced today that The Beatles: Rock Band has sold over one million units worldwide. “MTV Games and Harmonix are very pleased with the sales of our Rock Band titles and we expect to continue to see strong sales throughout the holidays across all of our titles,” an MTV spokesperson told IndustryGamers. “The […]

  • Sgt. Pepper’s album hits The Beatles: Rock Band next week

    Harmonix and MTV announced this morning that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band will be released as DLC for The Beatles: Rock Band next week on November 17 and 19 for Xbox 360/Wii and PS3, respectively. This is the second full album to be released, with Abbey Road being the first, and Rubber Soul coming […]

  • Abbey Road releases for Beatles: Rock Band tomorrow

    EA’s sent out a friendly reminder that Abbey Road will be the first full album to become available to download for Beatles: Rock Band, as of tomorrow on Xbox Live Marketplace for 1360 MS points and on the Rock Band shop for the Wii. The album will also release on the PSN on Thursday for […]

  • All You Need is Love fastest selling Rock Band DLC to date

    Microsoft has announced that the first downloadable song for The Beatles: Rock Band, “All You Need is Love”, has become the fastest-selling bit of DLC in the franchise’s history – all within two days of being made available. The proceeds from the DLC have so far equaled in the “tens of thousands of dollars”, and […]

  • Beatles: Rock Band studio sequences feature "dreamscapes"

    Songs in The Beatles: Rock Band that take place in a studio setting feature animations, which Harmonix refers to as “dreamscapes”. These graphics are inspired by the song playing and DLC albums for the game will get similar treatment. “DLC songs which don’t end up in historical venues will have custom dreamscapes, yes,” said the […]

  • Beatles: Rock Band 45th song to remain a mystery until release [Update 2]

    Update 2: Harmonix CEO, Alex Rigopulos, has confirmed “The End” as the 45th song on the The Beatles: Rock Band during the GameStop managers convention in Las Vegas. Good to know. Update: Apparently the “mystery” song is “The End”. Thanks for spoiling it for us internet, and thanks for the lack of creativity Harmonix – […]

  • Harmonix was "terrified" while making The Beatles: Rock Band

    Development on The Beatles: Rock Band had members of the Harmonix “terrified” according to John Drakes. These feelings of trepidation were present throughout development despite the firm being chosen by Apple Corps to do the game, thanks to the firm’s reverence for the subject matter. “I don’t know what Apple was considering before they started […]

  • Report - SingStar Beatles to be announced at EA GC conference

    MCV are reporting that SingStar: The Beatles will be announced later today at EA’s GC press conference in Cologne. It’ll be distributed by EA and published by MTV Games with SCEE and Studio London assumingly behind development of the game as it is their IP. Simply put, its a port of The Beatles: Rock Band, […]

  • Beatles side projects will not be included with Rock Band game

    Harmonix’s John Drake has told Joystiq that side projects done by members of The Beatles will not be included in the Rock Band game for the band. However, that doesn’t mean songs created during the solo careers won’t be featured as DLC for the original game. “The design team really focused on The Beatles: Rock […]

  • New video from The Beatles: Rock Band shows animation sans notes

    After the break, we’ve posted a new video from The Beatles: Rock Band courtesy of Joystiq. Ticket to Ride is the track, and the site was nice enough to remove the scrawling notes so you could get the full animated effect of the Fab Four. Awesome. Come on September.

  • McCartney's Höfner bass guitar included in premium Beatles: Rock Band

    A peripheral replica of Paul McCartney’s Höfner bass guitar will be included in The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle. It’s wireless and works with all versions of Rock Band. Don’t worry right-handers. It’s not lefty like the real deal. Game lands September 9. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Remastered Beatles music to release alongside Rock Band game

    Apple Corp said today it’s to release remastered versions of The Beatles music on September 9, the same day The Beatles: Rock Band ships. Each of the CDs is to be packaged with replicated original UK album art. Something else to spend hundreds of pounds on. You may as well. Press release here.

  • EA: Music games are "robust", more in store for the future

    Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference yesterday, EA COO John Pleasants said that music games are set to become a huge segment of the industry, and one that both EA and Activision are actively pushing to innovate in. “There are lots of other things you can do with music, and we’re working […]

  • Beatles game to feature "psychedelic" period, say McCartney

    In an interview with Variety, Paul MCartney’s confirmed that the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game will “feature different periods of the band — you get early days, Liverpool, then psychedelic, and on from there. It’s very cool. And I like the idea that the game introduces kids to music, you know?” Still no word on […]

  • The Beatles to be an "art object," says Rigopulos

    In an interview with Ars, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos said that EA’s The Beatles isn’t just licensing the band’s music, it’s about delivering the songs through a different medium: an “art object.” “In the case of the Beatles, the licensing is, of course, complex, ” he said. “But what’s more complex in a product of […]

  • Sony: Activision lost Beatles deal because "it was presented as if they were doing the music business a favor"

    The Beatles game eventually went to MTV because, from the sound of it, Sony Music wasn’t going to get what it wanted. And what it wanted, probably, was money. “It was presented as if they were doing the music business a favor,” Sony/ATV CEO Martin Bandier told Reuters. “It’s true you can choose other types […]

  • 45 Beatles tracks will be included in Harmonix game

    According to this Variety piece, only 45 Beatles tracks are to be included in the newly announced Harmonix game. From the piece: Game developers will be able to select 45 songs from the Beatles catalog recorded during their 1962-69 tenure within EMI for inclusion in the game. “The game is in development,” said Apple Corps […]

  • Beatles game has already been 17 months in the making

    Speaking to Gamespot, Rock Band lead designer Dan Teasdale given some hints at just how much work’s been involved in getting Apple Corp to an announcement stage of the newly confirmed Beatles game. Sounds as though it hasn’t been easy. “We started the process about 17 months ago, so it’s great to finally talk about […]

  • Beatles' power led to "very rich" MTV deal

    How much does it cost to make a Beatles game? A lot. We don’t know how much MTV had to pay to be able to work on an exclusive game based on the band’s music, but it wasn’t cheap, Sony Music boss Martin Bandier, told Variety. “There have been mutterings from artists and songwriters that […]

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