Resident Evil: Raccoon City

360 exclusive online mode revealed for Resident Evil: Raccoon City

Capcom’s revealed an exclusive online multiplayer mode for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, where players will control Nemesis.

9 years ago

Resident Evil: Raccoon City headlines

  • RE: Operation Raccoon City shots and video are mental

    Direct feed shots and character renders for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City from Capcom’s Captivate Event have been released, and each shows just hectic and mental this game is going to be. There’s also a video in there with Japanese subtitles, so don’t let the Biohazard moniker in it fool you or anything.

    10 years ago
  • More Resident Evil:Raccoon City rumors surface

    New rumors regarding Resident Evil: Raccoon City have surfaced, thanks to The Kartel, and according to the site, the game will indeed include a multiplayer component.

    10 years ago
  • Rumor: SOCOM: Confrontation devs working on new Resident Evil

    A multiplayer-centric Resident Evil, eh?Well, on the bright side, it certainly couldn’t be any worse than last time.

    10 years ago