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Interview – Brink’s Paul Wedgwood

Chatting with Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood is always a treat – even if it comes shortly after the disappointing news that Brink won’t see the light of day in 2010.We sat down with the lord of all things multiplayer and shooty during last week’s QuakeCon, where we talked shop about why Brink held down […]

10 years ago

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  • Interview - RAGE's Tim Willits

    RAGE is id’s first – and apparently only – new IP in quite some time, and the developer’s doing it up in style. Yeah, the post-apocalyptic shooter/driver/toy car driver’s got it all – even its own release date. No more teasing, no more “when it’s done,” no more fooling us into staring into Todd Hollenshead’s […]

    10 years ago

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