Night Trap

Night Trap is getting a Nintendo Switch re-release

Night Trap, the gloriously terrible horror game Nintendo said it would never publish, is getting a Switch release.

3 years ago

Night Trap headlines

  • The notorious live-action game Night Trap is being revived

    Night Trap was one of the most controversial games of the ’90s (and therefore ever), a campy full-motion video game for the Sega CD that tasked players with protecting a girly sleepover from masked bad guys. Now, 22 years later, a bunch of the original developers are kickstarting an HD remaster.

    6 years ago
  • Night Trap controversy indirectly led to Petz series

    Night Trap designer Rob Fulop has explained how his experience on the notoriously controversial Mega CD title inspired the Petz series.

    10 years ago