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  • Mighty No. 9 looks like Mega Man because that's Inafune's "style"

    Mega man creator Keiji Inafune has said new property Mighty No. 9 looks a lot like its famous progenitor because they share his particular aesthetic.

  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U screens show a dragon-punching Mega Man

    Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS newcomer Mega Man seems to have learned how to execute Ken’s fierce Dragon Punch from Street Fighter. Does that instantly make him the cheapest character on the circuit? No, probably not.

  • Capcom bringing games & Mega Man anniversary announcement to Comic-Con

    Capcom is heading to San Diego Comic-Con with a sackful of games this week, and will also be discussing plans for Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary at the show. Could a new title be in the works? It’s anyone’s guess.

  • Mega Man Game Gear listed for release on 3DS

    Mega Man featured predominantly on Nintendo platforms back in the day, but Capcom could be brining its rare Game Gear platformer to the 3DS eShop according to a new age-rating online.

  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS revealed, coming 2014, features Mega Man

    Super Smash Bros. has been announced for 3DS and Wii U for a 2014 launch. It stars Mega Man.

  • Street Fighter X Mega Man surpasses 1 million downloads

    Street Fighter X Mega Man has surpassed one million downloads worldwide, according to Capcom. While the actual number could be larger due to the freeware potentially being offered elsewhere, Capcom is sure of at least the one million portion. Over on Capcom Unity, the firm also wanted to remind everyone that Mega Man 3 will […]

  • Street Fighter x Mega Man V2 patch is live with a buffed M Bison

    As promised earlier in the week, and update for Street Fighter x Mega Man is now available. You can head through here to get the free download. Along with improved controller support, the update fixes a tank glitch, adds the ability to take screenshots, contains a new hidden character, and M Bison has been “buffed […]

  • Mega Man 1-6 coming to 3DS eShop as part of anniversary celebrations

    Mega Man is 25, and Capcom is celebrating by bringing the first six games to the 3DS eShop. According to Capcom Unity, the first of these classic platformers drops on December 27, with the second arriving on February 7, and the rest to follow at unspecified dates over the following months. Don’t forget to pick […]

  • Street Fighter x Mega Man announced as a free download for PC by Capcom

    Capcom plans to release a new fan-made crossover title dubbed Street Fighter X Mega Man, which will be released via PC download free-of-charge in mid-December.

  • Mega Man: 'you've not seen the last of him', says Capcom

    Mega Man’s 25th anniversary came and went this year without so much as a birthday cake or new game to mark the occasion. However, developer Capcom hasn’t forgotten about the blue bomber just yet, and has promised he will return on both console and handhelds going forward.

  • Capcom hopes to release Mega Man 1-6 on US 3DS eShop

    Mega Man games are planned for release through Nintendo’s 3DS eShop, but Capcom has said it’s running into some “problems” with releasing the first six in the series. Capcom US boss Christian Svensson didn’t go into details on what sort of issues the firm is having, only that Capcom was working on a resolution. Mega […]

  • Mega Man 3DS leads this week's Nintendo downloads

    Mega Man, Capcom’s crushingly brutal 1987 NES platformer leads this week’s Nintendo downloads line-up. Check out what else is on offer below.

  • Mega Man Xover trailer is very light on gameplay

    Look, all Mega Man fans are passionate Mega Man fans, so I just want you to really temper your expectations before you come through the break.

  • Mega Man fans, "keep expectations in check", says Capcom

    Mega Man’s 25th anniversary is next year, and the hero’s most loyal fans are expecting something suitably weighty from Capcom to celebrate – but the publisher has warned not to get too excited about an expected December announce.

  • Mega Man social RPG headed to iOS

    Capcom has announced an all-new Mega Man game is headed to iOS. Andriasang reports the social RPG will mark the franchise’s 25th anniversary by including bits and pieces of every game world the series has spawned to date. Players build their own unique Mega Man from bits and pieces of various models scattered around the […]

  • Mega Man and Pac-Man releasing for SFxT March 13

    Capcom has announced Pac-Man and Mega Man will be available for download via PSN on March 13 for Street Fighter X Tekken. Both are rather odd-looking renditions: Mega Man is based off the “bad box art “from the original NES game, and Pac-Man rides around a “Mokujin mech-thing that shoots lasers.” SFxT launches on March […]

  • Pac-Man, Mega Man added to PS3 Street Fighter x Tekken roster

    PlayStation 3 and Vita players benefit from yet more exclusive characters, including a Mega-man strongly reminiscent of awful 1980’s cover art.

  • Mega Man 25th anniversary logo spotted in MMX iOS

    Seems Street Fighter isn’t the only Capcom IP to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Universal Gamer (via Joystiq) has spotted what appears to be a 25th anniversary logo for Mega Man in the iOS version of Mega Man 10. Not much else is known other than the logo, but it can’t be as worse as it […]

  • Mega Man to "remain" a "key brand" for Capcom, says US boss Svensson

    Capcom US VP Christian Svensson has reiterated that Mega Man is still an important franchise for the publisher, teasing announcements for the series “in due course.”

  • Persona art books inbound, Udon holiday sale

    Gaming comic and art book publisher Udon has announced two new coffee table titles for Persona 3 and Persona 4, both available for pre-order through the links, and expected sometime after the holidays. Siliconera reports the books feature character designs, rough sketches, backgrounds and interviews with Atlus staff. Meanwhile, Udon is throwing a sale, offering […]

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