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Thursday Shorts, Overnight Edition – New Magicka maps, Beyonce game cancelled, Borderlands proposal

It can’t all be doom, gloom, and the PSN being hacked. Sometimes it’s tiny, cheerful (and occasionally stupid) nuggets of news.

9 years ago

Marvel Mmo headlines

  • Perry "stunned" by Marvel MMO canning

    According to this, Dave Perry – long-standing developer of dozens of games, including the Matrix titles – was more than a little shocked that Microsoft recently decided to bin Cryptic’s Marvel MMO.“That is stunning to me, absolutely stunning to me,” he said. “Marvel, as a property, is more mass-market than World of Warcraft.”He continued: “World […]

    12 years ago
  • Cryptic confirms Champions Online for consoles and PC

    While its Marvel MMO has been canned, City of Heroes developer Cryptic obviously isn’t taking the matter to heart. The next issue of Game Informer has first details of the company’s new super-hero MMO, Champions Online.“We have the first look at Cryptic Studios’ latest superhero MMO, Champions Online,” it says here. “The City of Heroes […]

    12 years ago