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Tons of new LostWinds shots

IGN’s got a bunch of new LostWinds screens. The Frontier adventure released for WiiWare in the US today, and it looking both cute and fine. And sweet. Unheard of. Take a look.

13 years ago

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  • New Lost Winds footage released

    It’s on CVG. The WiiWare launch title’s looking “beautiful” as developer David Braben would have it, so see more. Then buy it on May 20.

    13 years ago
  • First Lost Winds video released

    You can watch a video of Frontier’s Lost Winds after the link. It’s the first footage of the Wiiware game in action, and gives a good look at the double control system and the apparently sedate, puzzle-based setting.The little guy with the hat seen in the movie is called Toku, and he’s on a mission […]

    13 years ago

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