Jean-Bernard Levy

Activision’s Vivendi end happy with Infinity Ward “reconstruction”

Vivendi chairman and CEO Jean-Bernard Levy has said the firm has put any concerns it had after the Infinity Ward departures in the past thanks to the grand success of Black Ops.

10 years ago

Jean-Bernard Levy headlines

  • Bobby Kotick gets a new boss, Levy to chair Acti-Blizz

    Vivendi said today that CEO Jean-Bernard Levy is to assume a chairman role at Activision Blizzard.Levy will replace current chairman Rene Penisson, who retires this year.Activision Blizzard’s current CEO is “Big” Bobby Kotick.More on Reuters.

    12 years ago
  • Activision to launch "credible alternative to iTunes" based on Guitar Hero

    Um. Right. According to this FT piece, Activision boss Bobby Kotick has just confirmed that the company is to launch a Guitar Hero-linked music download service that could rival iTunes.“I don’t think there have been a lot of credible alternatives to iTunes but Guitar Hero certainly has that potential,” he said.Apparently, creating a Guitar Hero […]

    13 years ago