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Japanese charts, February 21-27: 3DS launch in figures

Media Create has released its Japanese software and hardware sales figures for the retail week of February 21 – 27, showing the 3DS stroming it in at the last minute behind a surprisingly strong PSP.

Japanese Hardware Sales headlines

  • Japanese hardware sales - DS Poke-rush drops off

    A large DS sales surge brought on by the release of Pokemon Black and White in Japan is finally dropping off, although the Nintendo machine is now well on the way to passing 2 million unit sales in the country this year.

  • Japanese hardware sales: PS3 passes Wii in 2010

    PlayStation 3 has now sold more than Wii in Japan this year, with the Sony console having moved 1,017,094 units compared to Wii’s 1,015,513.

  • Japanese hardware charts - PSP tops again

    Another week, and another win for PSP on the Japanese Hardware charts despite strong competition from Wii.

  • Japanese hardware charts - insert witty PSP is winner line here

    The latest Japanese hardware numbers are out, and have, this week, given the win to the PSP. Blame Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

  • Japanese hardware charts - Wii takes the biscuit

    Surprise! Wii gets top spot in this week’s Japanese hardware charts.

  • Japanese hardware - Wii and PS3 pick up end-year steam

    Wii and PS3 got a nice bunch of sales of Japan for the week ending December 13, with PSP and DSi coming a close third and fourth. Not looking so great for PSP go down there, is it? We skipped a week with these, but the data from two weeks ago’s here. Wii – 135,898 […]

  • Japanese hardware - DSi LL dream insta-dwindles

    DSi LL’s second Japanese week’s seek sales drop well back from its opening 100,000 to 67,000. Apart from that, looks as though everything’s nicely up, there, aside from PSP go and 360. Hard lines. Data below for the week ending November 29. Last week’s figures here. DSi LL – 67,243 Wii – 46,673 PS3 – […]

  • DSiLL breaks 100,000 in first Japanese week

    You can’t keep new Nintendo hardware down, it seems. DSiLL’s first week sales in Japan have come in at just over 100,000, which is probably “quite good”. Full thing below for the week ending November 22. Last week’s chart here. DSi LL – 100,553 PS3 – 34,752 Wii – 32,844 PSP – 32,752 DSi – […]

  • Japanese hardware charts - PlayStation rules roost

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Week ending November 15. PSP and PS3 have seen off both Wii and DS to take first and second place in this week’s Japanese hardware chart, as you can see below. Big Kaz will be pleased. Watch in awe as the ten-year plan unfolds before […]

  • Japanese hardware sales, WE Nov. 1 - DSi maintains top spot

    Media-Create has released the Japanese hardware sales for October 26 – November 1. The winner? Why DSi of course, with 37,517 sold followed by PS3 with 36,061. Here’s the full thing, courtesy of Gamespot: DSi – 37,517 PS3 – 36,061 PSP – 34,911 PSP Go – 29,109 Wii – 28,888 DS Lite – 6,902 Xbox […]

  • Japanese hardware sales - DSi is our winner!

    A bit earlier then usual, the Japanese hardware sales has been released by Media-Create. The Nintendo DSi, as most of the time, has come out on top in this week’s hardware charts: selling over 49k units. PSP sells 33k, 30k for the PS3 and the Wii sold 29k. Full charts are below. Last week’s data […]

  • DS tops Japanese hardware sales with 63,954 units

    According to Media Create, DS was number one again this week on Japan’s hardware sales chart with 63,954 units sold, and PSP nipping at its heels with 51,215 units moved. PS3 edged out Wii with 37,538 and 35,392 sales respectively, with Xbox 360 and PS2 with 4,244 and 2,179 in sales. Here it is in […]

  • Japanese hardware sales - PS3 sales drop to 39k

    It’s that time again, kids! It’s Japanese hardware sales time! In a gist: PS3 sales are down by 12k from last week, while the DSi rules the lot as it does most of the time. Full hardware numbers are below. Last weeks numbers are found here. DSi – 63,342 PS3 – 39,960 PSP – 17,334 […]

  • Japanese hardware sales - PS3 drops back 100k from Slim launch

    With the Japanese Slim rush over, PS3 sales fell back from over 150,000 last week to 55,000 in the week ending September 13. Still. Only DSi’s beating it. More thrills next week. DSi – 66,498 PS3 – 55,344 PSP – 18,375 Wii – 17,568 DS Lite – 11,179 Xbox 360 – 7,568 PS2 – 2,612

  • Japanese hardware sales - PS3 sells over 150k in Slim's first week

    Hot dog. Japanese PS3 sales rose to a spectacular 151,000 last week, thanks to the Slim’s introduction. That’s it. There’s no other story. Compare this to the 40,000 PS3 sold in its first Slim week in the UK. Looks as though Japan really has been holding out for this. Data for the week ending September […]

  • Japanese hardware sales - PS3 sales collapse as Slim enters

    If you thought last week‘s Japanese PS3 sales were bad, take a look at the latest Media Create figures below. Expect a bit surge in the next set, though, as they’ll include Slim’s launch numbers. DSi’s doing OK, innit? Data below for the week ending August 30. DSi 59,881 PSP 26,081 Wii 25,038 DS Lite […]

  • Japanese hardware sales - The "wtfps3omg" edition

    That’s what announcing a slim console does for you. PS3 racked up a hilarious 2,052 sales in Japan last week, making it the lowest selling games hardware in the market. Mind you, the only machine it managed to beat in the previous week was PS2. Data below for the week ending August 23. DSi – […]

  • Japanese hardware sales - DSi surges on something

    DSi’s up in Japan. We don’t know why. We’ve still got pork poisoning from Cologne. Data below for the week ending August 16. Last week’s chart here. DSi – 87,936 Wii – 47,732 PSP – 39,882 Xbox 360 – 9,162 DS Lite – 7,921 PS3 – 5,944 PS2 4,907

  • Japanese hardware sales - Wii drops, DSi back on top

    Monster Hunter 3 clearly isn’t having the prolonged Wii sales affect it might have done in Japan. Wii numbed halved from 95,000 last week to just under 50,000 this week. DSi, yet again, is the biggest selling Japanese console. Horses, courses, etc. Data below for the week ending August 9. DSi – 70,066 Wii – […]

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