“Megaton face melting news” soon, says CliffyB

So that “kick ass news” he promised yesterday? Turns out it was just the announcement of cameos of Marcus and Dom from Gears of War in Lost Planet 2.But hold the phone, kiddlewinks.Cliff Bleszinski is promising some “megaton face melting news”, which should be coming soon.

11 years ago

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  • "Kick ass news" coming "very soon" from CliffyB [Update]

    Update: Sorry to burst your balloon, but this might be what he’s referring to.Original Story: Epic Games’ Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski has tweeted some “kick ass” news” is coming very soon.Is this the “awesome shit”?

    11 years ago
  • CliffyB's "awesome shit" will be revealed "when the weather's warm"

    Speaking in an interview with Joystiq during the VGAs last month, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski has revealed he’s working on some “awesome shit”.And it doesn’t sound as though you’re going to get to see what it is for a while yet.

    11 years ago
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    Comedian Jay Mohr was the host of this year’s AIAS awards, and what better way to get the crowd warmed than by making fun of some of the most prominent people there?Here are just a couple of them: Cliff Belinski:  (Dropping the “y” from his name to be more adult): “That worked well for Rick […]

    12 years ago
  • CliffyB: Call of Duty series’ back-and-forth dev style soulless

    Extra cash be damned; Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski doesn’t want your money – not if it means someone else putting their mitts on his baby. Thus was the chainsaw-gun pioneer’s answer when Develop asked him about a possible multi-team approach to the Gears of War franchise.“We’ve got a lot of ideas about where the […]

    12 years ago