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2K Games president Christoph Hartmann doesn’t doubt Wii U “will be successful”

2K Games president Christoph Hartmann is convinced Wii U will be successful because “Nintendo always finds its crowd,” he’s told MCV.

7 years ago

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  • Until games are photorealistic, it will be hard to "open up new genres," says 2K boss

    2K global president Christoph Hartmann believes that until games are photorealistic, it will be hard to “open up new genres.”

    8 years ago
  • 2K studios "don't want to do the same things all the time"

    2K is aiming to balance innovation and profitability in games the way Miramax did with cinema, president Christoph Hartmann has said.

    9 years ago
  • Hell freezes, pigs fly: Duke Nukem Forever goes gold

    Its actually happened: 2K has announced that Duke Nukem Forever has gone Gold, meaning that the game is now being pressed to disc and will ship – as in, baring a colossal catastrophe, actuality properly ship – on June 10.

    9 years ago
  • XLGames to make MMO for Asian market on 2K IP

    Take Two’s announced this afternoon that its signed a new deal with Asian company XLGames to create and publish an MMO based on one of 2K’s “top-selling franchise.”

    9 years ago
  • 2K Marin "beyond conceptual stage" on post-Bioshock 2 title

    BioShock 2 studio 2K Marin is already hard at work on a new game, 2K president Christoph Hartmann has told 1UP. “I know they’re working already… We already have plans, and have worked far beyond the conceptual stage for a follow-up project after BioShock 2,” said Hartmann when asked if 2K Marin was going to […]

    11 years ago
  • Borderlands gets solid October dates

    2K put proper dates on Gearbox’s Borderlands, as reported by Gamespot. The PC, PS3, and 360 actioner will launch on October 20 in NA and October 23 in the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, and “other territories”. 2K boss Christoph Hartmann thinks he’s onto a winner, even in the Christmas crush. “I don’t think we have […]

    11 years ago
  • 2K president - Games to shift towards "server-based" model

    2K Games founder and president, Christoph Hartmann, has told GI that he believes Cloud gaming is to play a key role in the industry’s future. “What we think the future will be is the market will shift to more server-based games – similar to the movie business where most people just rent instead of view […]

    11 years ago
  • 2K Games: Games industry is recession-proof

    2K global president Christoph Hartmann has told MCV that he believes the games industry’s progress will not be halted by the current economic slowdown. “Traditionally, when the economy does badly, the entertainment market grows,” said Hartmann. “I don’t see why it should be any different this time. “The recession is coming, but it’s not only […]

    11 years ago
  • We can make another 5 Bioshocks, says 2K president

    In an interview with MCV, Global President of 2K Christoph Hartmann has said that if done right, the Bioshock franchise could be like Star Wars and be a six-parter. “For Bioshock, because it’s so story driven, the question obviously arises: how long can you do it without turning into The Matrix?” said Hartmann. “The first […]

    11 years ago