Blazing Griffin

APB: Retribution looks to fill tablet gaming’s maturity gap

APB: Retribution developer Blazing Griffin looks to show the world that tablet gaming is more than just crushing candies and hurling birds. It wants to scratch that violent, mature itch with a Hotline Miami twist.

7 years ago

Blazing Griffin headlines

  • APB: Retribution gets debut trailer, screens and a Hotline Miami twist

    APB: Retribution is the tactical, top-down shooter from Reloaded Productions and Blazing Griffin. Think Hotline Miami meets GTA and you’re along the right lines. We’ve just received the game’s first trailer, and you can check it out here.

    7 years ago
  • The Ship sequel launching on Kickstarter UK from October 31st

    The Ship: Full Steam ahead will hit Kickstarter UK when the service goes live on October 31st. Developed by Scottish studio Blazing Griffin, it’s the sequel to Outerlight’s The Ship: Murder Party – which also served as the basis for Ubisoft’s digital release Bloody Good Time. Get more details below.

    8 years ago