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  • DICE discusses Back to Karkand, BF2's Dragon Valley in latest edition of PWNED

    When developing Back to Karkand for Battlefield 3, DICE said that while looking at some of the popular maps from Battlefield 2 for inclusion in the pack, one it wanted to add but couldn’t was Dragon Valley.

  • Moore: "I don't think there's any doubt" that BF3 took share away from MW3

    EA COO Peter Moore has said he believes Battlefield 3 succeeded in taking part of the market share away from Modern Warfare 3.

  • Battlefield 3 PC patch deploying December 6

    DICE has announced the PC version of Battlefield 3 will be patched on December 6, and updates will include various bug fixes and balancing, along with the addition of colorblind mode and some of the Back to Karkand content, which will arrive in full on December 13. Bug fixes and tweaks are posted below, courtesy […]

  • Back to Karkand hits PS3 Dec. 6, PC and 360 Dec. 13

    DICE has announced that Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand will be released next Tuesday, December 6 on PS3. The map pack will be a PS3-exclusive until December 13 when it arrives on PC and Xbox 360.

  • Battlefield 3 patch hits PS3 tomorrow, to follow on XBL "shortly"

    DICE has announced through Twitter that the client update for Battlefield 3 will arrive for PS3 tomorrow, and the update will “follow shortly” on Xbox 360. It was released on PC last week. The full list of console patch notes are posted below, courtesy of Joystiq.

  • DICE to publish a "significant" update next week for BF3 PC

    DICE has said it plans to publish a “significant” update to Battlefield 3 on PC next week. According to an official blog post on the matter, players will see “improved polish, stability, weapons balancing, squad control functionality, user interface enhancements,” and several other features which have been addressed due to feedback from the community. The […]

  • Class-action filed against EA over broken Battlefield 1943 promise

    Legal firm Edelson McGuire has filed a class-action lawsuit against EA on behalf of consumers who were promised a free copy of Battlefield 1943 as an incentive to purchase the PS3 version of Battlefield 3.

  • Battlefield 3: Strike At Karkand gameplay video shows off some of pack's weapons

    EA has released a video providing a closer look at gameplay from the Strike at Karkand map for Battlefield 3. In it, you’ll also get a glimpse of some of the new Back to Karkand weapons in action around the 1:36 mark. The digital expansion pack set will be released in December for free to […]

  • EA bans and stat-wipes hundreds of BF3 cheaters

    EA has tweeted that it is has banned “hundreds of offending” Battlefield 3 accounts this weekend and have wiped the stats of those boosting or using exploits.

  • DICE details design ideas behind BF3's Back to Karkand expansion pack

    Maps featured in Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand DLC will apparently become “part of the same rotation as the base maps” once available, according to a statement given to Joystiq.

  • Nvidia posts revenue and profit growth thanks to "highly anticipated blockbuster PC games"

    Nvidia’s financial results for Q3 saw an increase in revenue of $1.1 billion compared to $843.9 million yoy and in profits with $178.3 million compared to $84.9 million yoy, thanks in part to increased interest in “highly anticipated blockbuster PC games.” The firm noted growth in desktop GPU sales, naming Battlefield 3 as a major […]

  • Users who downloaded BF3 on PSN having issues signing into Battlelog

    EA has confirmed there are some “issues” with the downloadable version of Battlefield 3 on PS3, which is preventing players from signing into the game’s Battlelog service. Currently a patch is in the works, with a release date to be announced, according to Sony Europe’s community manager. EA has said its worldwide customer service department […]

  • Quick Shots: Strike at Karkand screens released for Battlefield 3

    EA and DICE have released three new screenshots for Back to Karkand, the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3. Have a look at them below the break. The pack is set for release in December, and features new weapons, vehicles, persistence, maps, and the return of Conquest Assault. It will be free for those who pre-ordered […]

  • Gameplay video for Battlefield 3 goes Back to Karkand

    EA and DICE have released a gameplay video for Back to Karkand, the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3. It’s below the break. The pack is set for release in December, and features new weapons, vehicles, persistence, maps, and the return of Conquest Assault. It will be free for those who pre-ordered BF3, and will run […]

  • EA confident BF3 DLC will retain players despite impending MW3 release

    EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund is confident the firm’s content plans will keep gamers interested in Battlefield 3, even with the deluge of titles releasing over the holidays.

  • Buy Dr Pepper, get codes for Battlefield 3 goodies

    Those who drink Dr Pepper or would just to earn free stuff, can net themselves some dogtags and a multiplayer skin for Battlefield 3 via a promotion going on at the moment. Right now, specially marked bottles of the soda include a codes for five, themed tags with various themes ranging from Hello Kitty to […]

  • BF3 Back to Karkand shots arrive, tout December release

    EA has sent over screenshots for Back to Karkand for Battlefield 3. The DLC contains remasters of four maps from the franchise: Strike at Karkand, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula. It also includes five new dog tags and achievements/trophies, and three new vehicles: the DPV, BTR-90, and F-35B STOVL jet fighter. Also […]

  • Battlefield 3 PS3 and Xbox 360 reviews go live for US launch

    Reviews for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Battlefield 3 have started to hit, after PC reviews for the shooter went live yesterday.

  • Watch the first 15 minutes of Battlefield 3

    It’s D-Day in the US as far as Battlefield 3 is concerned, but those in the UK won’t get it until Friday, so to help tide you over, or make the wait even worse for you, check out the first 15 minutes of the game below, courtesy of G4.

  • Battlefield 3 pre-orders hit close to 3 million

    EA has announced that pre-orders for Battlefield 3 hit close to the 3 million mark when it went on sale, today in the US. It’s unknown at present whether these figures are worldwide or just for the US. EA will report its Q2 results this coming Thursday, and while the fiscal report won’t include sales […]

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