Avatar: The Game

Avatar’s film producer blames Fox for bad game sales

Jon Landau, the producer for the biggest film in the world – Avatar – has blamed Fox for the videogame adaptation’s poor sales.

Avatar: The Game headlines

  • Ubisoft to focus more on franchises instead of licensed product

    Ubisoft has revealed its to start focusing more on “high end franchises” and less on “licensed” product, thanks in part to Avatar: The Game selling half of what was expected by the company.

  • Avatar: See the world of Pandora through the eyes of the Na'vi

    There’s a new video for Avatar: The Game passed the break, featuring a look at the world of Pandora through the eyes of the Na’vi. It’s full of gameplay. Game’s out December 1. Thanks, BigDownload.

  • Avatar: The Game video shows the start of war

    Avatar: The Game has a new video, and it’s over on D’toid. Game’s out December 1 PS3 and Xbox 360. Movie’s out December 18.

  • Avatar: The Game dev diary shows a Beautiful But Deadly world

    Ubisoft has released a second developer diary for Avatar: The Game titled Beautiful But Deadly. In it, James Cameron and the development team discuss the landscape of Pandora and the danger and beauty that lurks within it. Apparently, the world is its own living, breathing character in a sense with its bioluminescence and otherworldly creatures […]

  • Avatar: The Game gets December 4 release

    Ubisoft’s confirmed that Avatar: The Game will get a release date of December 4 in the UK. Thats two weeks before the movie’s release on December 16. Meanwhile, C.O.P.: The Recruit has been given a release of November 13, which is also the release date for Shaun White: Snowboarding: World Stage. Thanks, EG.

  • First developer diary for Avatar: The Game released, watch it here

    Ubisoft has released the first developer diary for Avatar: The Game. In it, you will discover things about the Avatar universe you didn’t know – if you knew anything to being with – and how it intersects with the film by James Cameron. It’s a bit sparse on gameplay, but instead has Cameron and the […]

  • Ubisoft confirm line-up for TGS

    Ubisoft’s announced it’s line-up for the Tokyo Game Show, which takes place from September 24-27. Full list, headlined by Assassin’s Creed II, is below: Assassin’s Creed II Splinter Cell: Conviction Avatar: The Game Red Steel 2 Rabbids Go Home And for each game you play, you get also get a free t-shirt, which depends on […]

  • Avatar: The Game on PSP can communicate with PS3 version

    Avatar: The Game for PSP will be able to communicate with the PS3 version or the game, according to reports. Sounds like another Ubisoft title you may have heard about. Assassin’s Creed 2. Anyway, one of the features is the ability to transfer “Effort Points” from PSP game to PS3. According to the October issue […]

  • Avatar: The Game debut trailer goes live

    Ubisoft’s put live the first gameplay trailer of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. It’s after the jump. If you want to download it, it should now be available from the PS Store as well. It does look kind of okay, but considering what we heard from GamesCom this week, don’t stick your hopes and dreams […]

  • Debut trailer from James Cameron's film, Avatar

    The first movie trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar movie has popped up over on CVG. It’s is what you would expect. Full of CGI special effects, half-naked blue being being shot out of the sky by the military, and the prerequisite love story. Guess there has to be something there to get the ladies to […]

  • Avatar: The Game will support 3D effects on 360 with HDMI-out

    Avatar: The Game will support 3D effects on televisions that have the technology. Good for you if you have the TV, but if you want to play it on Xbox 360 you will need one that has an HDMI-out. According to the game’s brand manager Luc Duchaine, the game will require 1080p resolution to see […]