Army Of Two 2

Rumor: Army of Two sequel titled “The 40th Day”

An anonymous source has told Joystiq that the pretty-much-certain Army of Two sequel will be called Army of Two: The 40th Day.We should know more when EA Montreal makes its big announcement on March 12.There’s been some very specific detail published over there. Get it after the link.

12 years ago

Army Of Two 2 headlines

  • Banner on Army of Two site teases sequel

    Yesterday, EA announced it would be announcing a new project from the folks behind Army of Two next week — but thanks to some sleuthing on the internet it looks like it is indeed a sequel to the shooter.A teaser banner has popped up on the AoT site , but some digging through the source […]

    12 years ago
  • EA to announce new project for Army of Two devs next week

    EA has said it will announce a new project from the folks who brought you Army of Two next week.The game’s developers will be giving a presentation on the title March 9, issuing an official announcement on March 12, and impressions will have an embargo lifted on March 16.No idea what the game is, what […]

    12 years ago
  • Dead Space 2 already underway

    Speaking to Variety, Dead Space exec producer Glen Schofield has confirmed that a Dead Space sequel is in the works.There’s no detail on what to expect from the next in the horror series there, but it’s heartening to know nonetheless.Apparently there’s going to be another Army of Two, as well: hit the link for more.

    13 years ago