Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – here’s the full launch character roster shown off in a new trailer

By James O'Connor, Tuesday, 12 December 2017 22:10 GMT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT shows off its full 28 character roster in this latest trailer.

The January 30 release date for the PS4 iteration of Dissidia is fast approaching, and Square Enix is ramping up its marketing. Last week we got a new cinematic trailer for the game, and recently we also got a better look at how Noctis and Squall play.

This new trailer focuses on the characters that feature in the game, as well as the summons you’ll be able to perform.

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, Type-0 and Tactics are only represented by one fighter each – the ‘season pass’ will add six new characters, though, so we’d assume that most or possibly all of them will come from these games. Curiously, Final Fantasy 4 is the only game to have three fighters representing it.

Here’s the full list for your perusal:

  • Add your content…Warrior of Light (FF)
  • Garland (FF)
  • Firion (FF2)
  • The Emperor (FF2)
  • Onion Knight (FF3)
  • Cloud of Darkness (FF3)
  • Cecil (FF4)
  • Kain (FF4)
  • Golbez (FF4)
  • Bartz (FF5)
  • Exdeath (FF5)
  • Terra (FF6)
  • Kefka (FF6)
  • Cloud (FF7)
  • Sephiroth (FF7)
  • Squall (FF8)
  • Ultimecia (FF8)
  • Zidane (FF9)
  • Kuja (FF9)
  • Tidus (FF10)
  • Jecht (FF10)
  • Shantotto (FF11)
  • Vaan (FF12)
  • Lightning (FF13)
  • Y’shtola (FF14)
  • Noctis (FF15)
  • Ace (FF Type-0)
  • Ramza (FF Tactics)

If you’re interested in more Dissidia, back in September, we put up an enormous interview with Dissidia NT director Takeo Kujiraoka and producer Ichiro Hazama, which is well worth a look.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be the first western Dissidia release in a while, with the series having focused on Japanese arcades since the PSP became obsolete. NT is a PS4 exclusive.

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