Spider-Man OnLive snub comment is fake, says Activision

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 3 October 2011 19:43 GMT

Activision blogger Dan Amrich has confirmed that an anti-OnLive quote being reported as coming from an Activision rep is from a fake Facebook page.

The quote in question claims that Activision said, in relation to Spider-Man: Edge of Time: “We do not consider OnLive a platform for our game to appear on. We would rather focus on mainstream consoles and legitimate gamers. Thank you.”

“It’s a web of lies,” said Amrich, speaking on his One of Swords blog.

“The quoted comment did not come from an official page or an official Activision representative. It was some fan running their own Facebook page and pretending to be the real deal.”

Eurogamer, GigWise and Develop have all run the news.

HeroHQ, the official source for information on Activision and Marvel collaborations, posted on Facebook in reaction to the spreading story:

“Apparently, some remarks were spread by an unofficial fan-made Facebook page.

“HeroHQ is the only official site for all Marvel/Activision games, and the fan remarks were not sanctioned or representative of Activision.

“We’re your official source for any news related to the Marvel-Activision games.”

Cloud gaming system OnLive has been running in the US for 15 months, and launched last month in the UK. Activision games don’t appear on the service as yet.

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