Bowser’s Inside Story gets previewed

By Mike, Monday, 8 June 2009 08:50 GMT


Joystiq has cast its eye over new DS RPG Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story to reveal just how the different worlds (Bowser’s and Mario & Luigi’s) intertwine.

Here’s a clip:

Just as you had to control Mario, Luigi and their baby counterparts simultaneously in Partners in Time, you’ll be controlling Mario, Luigi and their overworld/adversary Bowser simultaneously in Inside Story.

Here’s whats so brilliant about this formula — as you travel around the world as Bowser, you encounter problems during your journey which require the help of your interior plumbers. In the demo we played, Bowser needed an extra burst of strength to pull an entire island inhabited by a single French blockhead (yes, it still retains the series’ quirky brand of comedy). Mario and Luigi made a quick trip to one of his arms, fighting off viral Blorbs in search of his biceps, which they pumped up by returning volley after volley of electric orbs using their trusty hammers. After adequately pumping him up, Bowser had the strength to move the landmass.

More through the link.

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