Frontlines US promos show how it’s done

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 2 February 2008 10:11 GMT

Good stuff, this. Developer Kaos Studio’s released details of promotions US gamers can get for buying shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War at various retailers, leading by example in the “offering value” stakes. The extra levels from Gamestop and Bestbuy are for the Xbox 360 version, according to this.

  • Circuit City: Free soundtrack
  • Best Buy: Free in-game level
  • Gamestop: A different free in-game level
  • Gamecrazy: Stray Dogs Patch (no idea)
  • Amazon: Collector’s tin

Kaos’s Wiki says that “no specific release date has been announced yet” for the game’s worldwide February release, but Gamespress is listing it as February 29.

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